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Solutions for aircraft management.

Our ultimate goal is to make the management of your complex aviation assets simple.

Who we are 

Aviation is at the heart of everything we do. All our cutting edge products and services are designed and built by aviation experts to provide simple solutions to some of the biggest operational challenges facing the aviation industry. With over 35 years experience in aviation and design, cloudcards was founded to ensure aircraft leasing companies and airlines have access to systems that are built to industry best practice standards and use the best available technology.

Our collaborative approach means that our software solutions are designed by experts from across the technical, financial and legal areas to ensure your aircraft is covered from every angle.

Alongside our software solutions, we provide both office based and on-site technical support to any corner of the world and after sales and deployment services to ensure we’re there for you at every stage of the journey.

In addition, our software is built on some of the world’s leading platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Salesforce and powered by AWS making management and implementation cost effective and secure and simple.

Our ultimate goal is to make the management of your complex aviation assets simple. 

Our solutions 

We work with customers to address some of the major operational challenges within their business.

Our services are aimed at 4 core requirements: 

The most modern and up-to-date system on the market designed by experts from the leasing industry, technical services, IT and security.

Created for airlines and aircraft lessors, the cloud Asset Management system captures all aircraft data from birth to tear down and offers an end to end solution to manage the asset value. Using an intuitive and modern design, the system is built on 14 modules to track key items such as asset details, lease management, finance, technical, commercial, legal and risk management.

This software allows lessors to manage, store and share critical technical documentation digitally. It is the ideal solution for the secure on-line storage and management of your aircraft data and allows access to the full history and audit trail of a document instantly, completely transforming what is an onerous paper trail task.

This aircraft delivery/redelivery project management software tool is built on our CARDS® platform using salesforces SAAS infrastructure. The software is used for aircraft pre-purchase, delivery/re-delivery, annual inspection or aircraft bi-annual inspection projects, aircraft and engine records and maintenance event management.

Used in over 300 aircraft deliveries with over 3,500 trained people across the world, cloud Aircraft Transitions is user friendly, portable and works across many levels of computer experience, computer operating systems, IT networks, physical locations and environments.

We offer technical services such as aircraft deliveries/re-deliveries, annual inspections/mid lease inspections, pre-purchase inspections and engine shop visit oversight around the world.

Carried out on-site, these services focus on pre-purchase and annual inspections and are documented on the CARDS® platform so all records are stored and maintained, and all video/photographic material is co-located.