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AVTECH’s services increases FMS optimization and utilization.
Aventus SIGMA, a cooperation between Met Office and AVTECH, supplies tailored, trajectory based Severe Weather information in real time, directly to your Pilots and your Aircraft, and now includes Our Met Uplink service Aventus NowCast™, with more than 2 800 000 uplinks performed worldwide, is proven to increase FMS efficiency.
Our service is reliable, easy to use and does not require any IT-investments.

We bring the Right Information at the Right Time to the Right Person.


AVTECH is working closely with Met office (UK) and is at the moment the only company with designated applications for Met Office’s High Resolution Weather.

Our Aventus NowCast™ service derives wind and temperature information from Met Office, process this information to fit any individual flight and then transmits the information to the correct aircraft. The weather data, the most accurate available in the world, and AVTECH’s patented algorithms allows for exceptional results when it comes to wind uplinking. We are proud to say that we have the best wind uplink service in the world, resulting in fuel being saved, a remarkable time accuracy for the aircraft and with one of the simplest installations on the market.

Avtech proFLIGHT App

All flight related weather information presented and visualized in a single place. Powered by the Met Office 10KM Resolution Global Weather model proFlight can improve the safety and comfort of passengers and crew. The forecast is tailored to the flight ́s trajectory and time. Turbulence can be avoided or reduced. If turbulence is encountered, the crew will have the best information possible for the climb/descent decision.

Aventus SIGMA is our latest development, and is just at the beginning of an almost unlimited potential. Having access to Met Office complete weather data, we combine wind, temperature and turbulence in one complete system. The result is presented to the pilots in our iOS tablet app, giving, weather updates to the pilots from the best weather source in the world. Unsurpassed accuracy, pilot friendly design and AVTECH’s renown ease-of-use makes Aventus SIGMA one of the most attractive weather services in the market.

Aventus AIR™ is designed for airlines that have ACARS, but is not fully automated. The pilot receives the same high-quality information as from Aventus NowCast, but enters the weather data manually. Our customer indicates a very good result and as the pilots experience a better airplane performance, the willingness to utilize the service has been extremely high.

The AVTECH Aventus NowCast™ Full Flight Solution combines the very latest in Aviation Weather Forecasting with a state of the art distribution service. Wind selection capability and Severe Weather updates are automatically distributed, creating a feed of information to each flight within an airlines network. Updated Wind- and Temperature information fed into the aircraft FMS, an absolute requirement to be Next Gen compliant, automatically gives optimized wind information packages for al segments of flights. Optimizations are executed based on actual performance of each individual aircraft as well as on airport procedures, i.e. the specific trajectory that each individual aircraft will follow due to its aircraft type and configuration, weight, speed, met conditions experienced and airport specifics.

Learn more from this video about the 10K weather!

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