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Summer 2011

AircraftIT Operations - Summer 2011 - Contents

Case Study: How to Implement Fuel Savings linked to EFB 
Capt. Joachim Scheiderer, Manager Flight Operations Engineering, Lufthansa CityLine
White Paper: Operational Data as a Global Business Asset
Shaun Rattigan, Technical Director, Aviation Intelligence
White Paper: Getting the right Data Transmission for the job.
Sergio Martins, President, LinkSMART
Case Study: Great Service whenever, wherever, whatever, however - THAI’s Cabin Attendant Pre-flight Study and Briefing System has revolutionised crews’ ability to deliver great service.
Jatooron Suwannarut, Department Manager IT Management Operations, Thai Airways International
White Paper: Taming the ETS-Compliance Beast with smart use of IT Systems
Guido Harling, Founder & Managing Director, Tasc4Aviation

Plus: Industry News, Technology Updates, Live Software Demo Webinars, Operations Software Directory

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