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Aircraft IT Operations - September / October 2016

Aircraft IT Operations - September / October 2016

> Electronic TechLog (ETL / ELB): The move to paper - Part 2
Cameron Hood, CEO, NVable
Rob woods, Head of Engineering, Air Arabia Maroc
Dave Cooper, Line Maintenance Manager, British Airways Cityflyer
> Case Study: Qatar Airways Live Flight Tracking
Stephen P. Carroll, Flight Operations Project Manager, Qatar Airways
> Case Study: Alaska Airlines Weight & Balance Software - Lifting the Load
Brian Watson, Manager Weight & Balance, Alaska Airlines
> Case Study: Icelandair Fuel Saving Project
Einar Ingvi Andresson, Manager Fuel Efficiency, Icelandair
> Case Study: Lufthansa Fuel Saving Project
Tom Duddeck, Manager Fuel Efficiency, Lufthansa

Plus: Vendor Flight Log, Industry News, Technology Updates, Live Software Demo Webinars, Past Webinar Recording Library, Operations Software Directory, Latest Vacancies, plus more..

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