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Aircraft IT Operations - April/May 2013

Aircraft IT Operations - April / May 2013

Safety Management - There's a System for IT
AK Sachdev Senior Vice President Safety & Quality, Sheorey Digital Systems Limited
BA CityFlyer Case Study: ETL - A Brave new world
Dave Cooper, Line Maintenance Manager, BA CityFlyer  

BYOD: A double edged Sword
Alex Wood, Marketing Manager at Point to Point
SriLankan Airlines Case Study:  iPad EFB made easy
Capt. Ranga Amadoru, Deputy Chief Pilot T&S, SriLankan Airlines
Regular Column: Are we ready for metadata?  And what is it anyway?
Paul Saunders, Operations Director, Conduce Consulting

Plus: Vendor Flight Log, Industry News, Technology Updates, Live Software Demo Webinars, Past Webinar Recordings, Operations Software Directory, Latest Vacancies, plus more.
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