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Thales EFB Masterclass Webinar [Intro to TopWings] [Pre-recorded]

Webinar Recording Title:  Thales Live Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Masterclass Webinar [Intro to TopWings] Recording
Webinar Recording Date:  31st January 2013
Duration: 38 Minutes

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Webinar Recording Overview:

Sign up to view this Webinar recording for an excellent chance to learn about TopWings, a new EFB concept from Thales, providing airlines with a total end-to-end EFB solution including software, hardware, services, data management, integration and more..

During the Webinar and using the TopWings platform as a guide, Thales experts talk you through how to structure the perfect EFB project.  As you know each EFB project is different for every operator or airline and as you will see TopWings provides the flexibility to provide the ideal solution, whether you are interested in Class 1, 2, or 3; have a mixed fleet; have specific software or connection requirements; require assistance acquiring regulatory approval; interested in an iPad/tablet solution, plus more..  

Using a case study from a European flag carrier you will see during the Webinar how TopWings ties all these crucial elements together to ensure a successful project and return on investment.

Webinar Full Overview

Sign up to view this Webinar recording and join Thales to view a video file on TopWings, our global Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution. During this webinar we will present our unique, integrated, end-to-end EFB offering comprising software, hardware and services. You will hear all about the key challenges of a successful A-to-Z implementation of an EFB project.  These will be illustrated in the context of a real case study.
We are currently implementing TopWings for a European flag carrier. Thales is the prime integrator on this project, which incorporates an EFB platform, various software applications and services.

You will discover that the basis for an effective EFB program is to capture the exact needs of all players within the Airline, from the Flight Ops to the CFO, the quality department and IT. This enables the design of a customized solution that is flexible, scalable and configurable in order to match the airline’s needs.

We also present the means Thales has to test and validate the global EFB solution by using our avionics methodology, test rig integration and installation support. The airline benefits from the early validation of the solution and rapid maturity of their project. Thales supports the airline in obtaining the mandatory operational approval.

One of the main challenges for the airline is to inform and involve people in the implementation of the EFB strategy as it changes the ways of working. With Thales, the airline makes sure that the EFB project is an opportunity to improve their processes and results in a swift return on investment.

Webinar agenda:

  • Thales overview
  • Real case study
  • TopWings solution Overview
  • Future developments
  • Questions & Answers
About Thales

Thales group is a global technology leader across the Defense & Security and Aerospace & Transport markets. With 67,000 employees across more than 56 countries, its 22,500 engineers and researchers provide Thales with a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems and services that meet the most complex security requirements.

Thales Avionics, a part of Thales group, is one of the leading global suppliers for the commercial aerospace market. It contributes to all the major programs led by aircraft and helicopter manufacturers and plays a key role in the development of cutting-edge avionics systems. Thales Avionics invests more than 20% of its revenues in research and technology and places innovation as the cornerstone of its success. Some 9,000 highly-skilled people conceive, develop and produce a full range of equipment, subsystems, systems and functions designed for flight management, navigation, communication and surveillance.

Through its worldwide network of hubs in Toulouse (France), Edison, New Jersey (USA) and Singapore, its seven repair centers and 20 support centers, Thales ensures proximity to the world’s major airline operation centers, and is always near its global customers.

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