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SITA e-Aircraft, end-to-end Aircraft Connectivity Webinar Recording [Pre-recorded]

Webinar Recording Title: SITA e-Aircraft, end-to-end Aircraft Connectivity Webinar [inc. Demo of SITA's Flight Monitor; iPad eFF; CrewTablet]

Host: SITA
Date Recorded:  13th February 2014
Duration: 55 minutes

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Webinar Recording Overview:

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this Webinar recording and join industry giant SITA for an introduction to their ground-breaking e-Aircraft, end-to-end connected aircraft solutions for flight and cabin operations; aircraft maintenance; on-board services and passengers all available additionally on a mobile / iPad platform.  

During the Webinar recording you will see an as live demonstration of SITA's full e-Aircraft connectivity suite, including, as used by the Flight Crew and Dispatchers: SITA's AIRCOM Server FlightMonitor and SITA's e-Aircraft Services iPad Applications (inc: Electronic Flight Folder); and for cabin crew and on-board services: SITA's CrewTablet and OnAir's product portfolio which integrate with the cockpit applications.  

With many airlines and operators in the early stages of their EFB / Cabin crew application programs and with industry trends moving fast (such as the arrival of hybrid EFB hardware platforms which support the benefits of portable tablet devices as well as providing access to aircraft data) airlines need to ensure that their overall solution architecture supports a growth road-map which covers their connected aircraft and mobility strategy for single or multi-fleet operators. During the Webinar you will see how the SITA product portfolio components fit together to offer an end-to-end solution for any airline or operator, no matter what aircraft they operate in their fleet.  

The SITA experts walk you through their nose-to-tail connected e-Aircraft solution:

  • Beginning with the AIRCOM Server Flight Monitor which is a powerful aircraft tracking solution which combines weather layers. The AIRCOM Server combines air-to-ground communications management with flexible integration capabilities, you will see how the AIRCOM Server interfaces with existing airline systems and seamlessly exchanges data with all aircraft, regardless of the avionics on board.
  • Electronic Flight Folder (eFF) running on iPad SITA's EFB Integrator and SITA's AIRCOMConnect - including: Flight Plan, Weather, NOTAMS, Waypoints, Alternate Airport Summary.
  • Your connected aircraft journey will move onto SITA's cellular connectivity solution including the Mobile Data Access's Connection Controller.  Mobile data is increasingly vital for the modern air transport environment, whether it’s electronic flight bags for pilots or access to baggage reconciliation data for ground handlers. You will see that SITA’s Mobile Data Access offers airline industry specific 2G or 3G cellular data connectivity that covers more than 180 countries and territories.
  • Finally you will be taken on a tour of SITA's CrewTablet powered with Mobile OnAir.  You will see how the CrewTablet integrates with cockpit applications and can provide a paperless cabin crew operation; including: updated flight schedules, visual passenger and event mapping, access to digital manuals and forms, integration with airline back-end system and 3G connectivity to synchronize completed crew forms to the crew server on landing. 
Webinar Agenda:
  • An Introduction to SITA
  • A walk through the e-Aircraft, Aircraft Connectivity suite:
  • SITA's AIRCOM Server Flight Monitor a powerful aircraft tracking solution which combines weather layers
  • Electronic Flight Folder running on iPAD and powered by SITA's EFB Integrator and SITA's AIRCOMConnect
  • SITA's cellular connectivity solution including Mobile Data Access's Connection Controller
  • SITA's CrewTablet powered with Mobile OnAir
  • Questions and Answers
Webinar preview video of SITA's CrewTablet:

Below is a sneak preview of SITA's ground-breaking CrewTablet you will see during the Webinar

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