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SDS - Integrated iPad Flight Ops & MRO Software Demo Webinar [inc iPad EFB/ETL and Safety SMS Demo] [Pre-recorded]

Webinar Recording Title: Integrated iPad Flight Ops & MRO Software Demo Webinar [inc iPad EFB/ETL and Safety & Quality SMS Software Demo] Recording

Host: Sheorey Digital Systems (SDS)
Date Recorded: 11th July 2013
Duration: 58 minutes

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Webinar Recording Overview:

Register to view this Webinar recording, and join Sheorey Digital Systems (SDS) for an as live demonstration of their industry leading fully integrated Flight Operations and MRO/M&E software solution: ARMSv2.  You will see how by using one integrated IT software solution, you can drive the seamless sharing of critical data company-wide to deliver huge increases in efficiency with significantly lower IT costs.

The Webinar features a high level review of the full end-to-end solution and explain some of the key benefits that can be gained from using a fully integrated software package - key sub-systems include:
Maintenance & Engineering; Logistics & Inventory Management; Heavy MRO; Documentation Management; Commercial Planning; Flight Operations; Flight Planning & Dispatch; Crew Management; Flight Data Monitoring & Analysis.

The Webinar then drills down further and take you on an as live demonstration tour of some key modules designed specifically for the iPad / Tablet (ARMS on the TAB™) and you will see how these solutions can provide excellent results as stand alone systems, but more benefits by plugging into the fully integrated IT mainframe.

1. ARMS on the TAB™: Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and Electronic Tech Log (ETL)

The first live demonstration you will see is 'ARMS on the TAB™', for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and Electronic Tech Log (ETL).  You will see that this is a comprehensive application designed to use leading edge technology to provide an on board, crew friendly iPad / Tablet solution to reduce cockpit workload while remaining within the bounds of regulatory frameworks and stringent air safety requirements.

You will be taken on a tour of the rich functionality that the EFB & ETL iPad/Tablet solutions provide including: CFP, Trip Kit, charts, Forms & Document Library.  The demo will show you how the latest XML technology can provide the flight crew with a dynamic iPad / Tablet solution through which they can quickly search for key documents; acknowledge document updates; make notes; fill in key forms such as the TechLog; access Charts and Tripkit; and create bespoke applications.

2. Safety & Quality Management (SQMS)

The second live demonstration will show you the Safety and Quality Management software solution.  The requirement for an airline / aircraft operator to have a Safety Management Solution (SMS) in place is being progressively mandated by all civil aviation regulators and it is likely that by 2014, all operators will have to have a safety management system in place to continue their operations.

SDS will take you on a live tour of their sophisticated and modular Safety & Quality Management (SQMS) software solution with particular focus on: Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA), Occurrence Reporting, Occurrence Management, Investigation Management, Audit Management, Meetings Management, Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA), Maintenance Operations Quality Assurance (MOQA), Safety Performance Monitoring (KPI DASHBOARD), Integrated Data And Document Management System (IDDMS).

You will see how this sophisticated solution can target, predict and identify potential Risks, Hazards and Safety issues and then provide tools to prepare strategies to proactively mitigate and prevent accidents, incidents and safety violations, through constant monitoring, vigilance and audits in compliance with the Regulatory requirements as per the guidelines issued by ICAO on Safety Management System (SMS).

Webinar Agenda:
  • An Introduction to Sheorey Digital Systems (SDS)
  • An Overview of the ARMSv2 Flight Ops/MRO Software Suite
  • The key benefits of Fully Integrated company-wide IT solution.
  • Live Demo 1: iPad/Tablet EFB/ETL Software Demo.
  • Live Demo 2: Safety & Quality Management (SQMS) Software Demo.
  • Q&A
About SDS:

Sheorey Digital Systems Ltd., (SDS) is an established Indian InfoTech company which has pioneered the development of a highly integrated, flexible and scalable enterprise-class software solution exclusively for the airline industry.

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Software Company, SDS has over 200 people working in its offices in major aviation hubs across the world. The core team’s aviation experience spans well over 40 years, of which the past 1½ decade has been associated with the airline industry, as it passed through tumultuous times.

SDS has been actively involved with its airline clients as the industry witnessed revolutionary changes, seeking unique and innovative solutions. This has helped us understand the real challenges faced by the airline industry today, i.e., “maintaining profitability, without compromising, quality and flight safety, while simultaneously ensuring high operational efficiency”.

About the Aircraft IT Webinars:

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