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These Webinar recorded video files offer you the perfect opportunity to quickly see a live overview of the major Flight Operations software systems on the market.  Each demonstration lasts for 1 hour and provides airlines and aircraft operators with the perfect introduction to an Ops software solution.

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Honeywell - GoDirect Fuel Efficiency Solutions Demo and Overview On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 8th November 2018) for a great chance to see the latest developments in fuel efficiency software, advanced data analytics, and pilot Apps via a live demo and full overview of Honeywell's market leading GoDirect Fuel Efficiency solutions, as used by more than 30 airlines worldwide (2,300 aircraft every day) including Lufthansa, IAG, Turkish Airlines, KLM, Etihad Airways, and Japan Airlines, to consistently save 3-5% on fuel consumption. During thee Webinar Honeywell fuel saving experts will highlight recent new fuel saving initiatives driven by advances in flight data analytics: from pilot apps to request in-flight shortcuts and monitor vertical optimization, to SID/STAR and fuel uplift recommendations and lots more.

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AVTECH - Advanced Real-Time Weather Briefing and Alerts Pilot App Demo On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to attend this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 27th September 2018) for a great chance to see a full overview of the live modern weather uplink solution Aventus SIGMA from AVTECH, and live demo of the new powerful pilot-centric App providing real-time weather briefing and alerts, including graphical views of multiple weather phenomena (inc: turbulence, wind-shear, temperature, thunder storms, ice, SIGMENTS, station weather, volcanic ash, etc.) during all phases of flight; letting pilots track bad weather, and decide whether to re-route the flight or optimize trajectory. As you will see SIGMA is delivered to the flight deck via ACARS or WiFi so is compatible with any aircraft type and is simple to deploy, requiring minimal IT involvement. You will also see how the solution uses the unique Met Office (UK) 10km global aviation weather model compared to the standard 140km for the most accurate data possible.

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AVIO - EFB Hardware and Connectivity Solutions Demo On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 13th September 2018) for an excellent chance to see a full overview of the latest developments in Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Hardware and Connectivity solutions from AVIO. During the Webinar, AVIO will showcase its connected EFB tablet, the Thales Pad 10” and the arrival of the new model, the 12" with additional features. You will also see the Dock & Fly cradle solution, which enables pilots to use most tablet devices (iPad, Surface, etc) as a connected EFB solution thanks to a common one-hand integrated docking mechanism. Then AVIO experts will walk you through their Mount & Power installation solution with STC and its own Aircraft Interface Device (AID), suitable for all cockpits and devices, which greatly enhances any EFB with full integration to the avionics. You will see how these solutions can enhance any current EFB program or together enable a complete EFB solution on any platform.

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Comply365 - Digital Aviation Manuals and Content Software Demo On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 30th August 2018) and join the paperless and digital aviation manuals and content specialists at Comply365 as they walk you through their market leading, XML powered, authoring and distribution solutions and mobile App, as used by over 60 airlines, aircraft operators and MRO facilities worldwide. You will see how the Comply365 solutions assist companies to efficiently manage mission critical OEM manuals and company content (author, revise and distribute) and crucially provides pilots, cabin crew, and engineers with seamless access to the latest, most-up-to-date OEM and company manuals via the Mobile App, enabling them to find the information they require fast in order to operate their roles efficiency and safely.

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Logipad - EFB Software Demo and Optimizing Flight Processes On-Demand Webinar [eBriefing; eForms] [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 26th July 2018) for a great chance to see a full overview and system demo of the popular EFB solution, Logipad – designed to make flight management simple, fast and smart for pilots, crew and ground staff alike. During the Webinar, DextraData EFB experts will walk you through Logipad's key features and latest developments, including how it seamlessly maintains and updates all key documents, manuals, data charts and Apps on all EFB devices (iOS and Windows) for each specific flight and how pilots use a single-sync solution to ensure they have all the information they need prior to take-off. You will see how Logipad optimizes EFB and Flight processes and is available on the cloud or hosted locally.

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