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Live Product Demo: navAero EFB Solutions

Duration: 1 hour plus Q&A.

Session Agenda:
  • Why an EFB?
  • What system is right for you and what to consider in selecting an EFB Solution
  • Benefits of getting a computer in an aircraft
  • Connectivity options (both aircraft and ground infrastructure)
  • An overview of the navAero EFB System Solutions
  • Success Stories and Case Study

Webinar Overview: navAero – The move is on to Electronic Flight Bag

Everyone is seeing the tremendous advantages of using electronic flight bags and eliminating paper from the cockpit. navAero presents the first truly affordable Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) computer/display system for general, corporate and commercial aviation.

With the introduction of our t·Bag C2² EFB, navAero has redefined the electronic flight bag. Our systems are built for the cockpit environment for all sectors of aviation to help improve situational awareness, reduce hours of flight planning and preparation and improve cockpit efficiency, productivity and safety.

This webinar session will walk you through the benefits that can be gained from using an EFB system in your fleet. Case studies, like the one you have just read from Norwegian and from other navAero customers such as Continental will be interspersed with real-world knowledge and experience that document the real benefits of an EFB solution and why your company should be using one and joining the connected aircraft revolution.

We look forward to welcoming you to the webinar sessions on the 16th of June and showing you the exciting possibilities an EFB solution can open up for your operations.

Image 1: navAero t·BagC2² System – B767 STC with Jeppesen Application Manager (part of Jeppesen Flightdeck Pro)
Image 2: navAero t·BagC2² System Components
Image 3: navAero t·BagC2² System – B757 STC with Jeppesen FlightDeck Pro Airport Moving Map

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