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Logipad - iPad EFB Management Software Demonstration Webinar Recording [inc. Data Syncing] [Pre-recorded]

Webinar Recording Title:  iPad EFB Management Software Demonstration Webinar [inc. Data & Documents Syncing]

Host: Logipad (T&A SYSTEME)
Date of Recording:  24th July 2014
Duration: 52 minutes
Cost: Free Register to View

How to view the Webinar Recording Video?

Click on 'Register for Recording' opposite and enter your details.  You will receive full instructions via email on how to view the Webinar recording. Click here to view a brief user guide (pdf).  If you were already approved to view the live Webinar, you will not need to re-register.  The recording will now be available to you in your login area. If you have any questions or problems, please email:

Webinar Recording Overview

Register to view this Webinar recording (recorded 24th July 2014) and join Logipad for an as live demonstration of their EFB Management Software Solution, designed to seamlessly update, maintain and synchronize key documents, manuals and data on all EFB devices.  The Webinar focuses in detail on the iPad functionality including an as live demo of the App and Ground Communication Process.

Following the processes used by airlines such as Etihad and Air Astana you see how Logipad provides a simple single-sync solution for critical EFB data transactions assisting Flight Operations to ensure their pilots have the latest synchronized documents, manuals, briefings, reports, news, 3rd party Apps, on all their EFB devices such as a Windows based laptop, Windows based tablet, Class-II device or iPad.  You also learn about the increases in efficiency and compliance that can follow for all airlines, operators and heli-operators. 

The Webinar recording walks you through the processes of a typical flight and you see:
  1. Flight Operations Ground Process which allows users / Flight Operations to define their content, upload content, assign roles for the flight and then release the content for distribution.  
  2. Pre-Flight Pilots synchronizing their iPads using 3G, LTE, WiFi, etc - using a simple single-sync process to download and ensure they have all relevant and up-to-date documentation.
  3. Pre-Flight Pilots Document Confirmation to alert Flight Operations that documents and data have been received.
  4. Pre-Flight Pilots access Flight Facts / eBriefing via their Logipad App
  5. In-Flight pilots can access 3rd Party Apps such as Lido and Jeppesen for Charts and Boeing OPT for Performance Calculations.  All key data at the pilots fingertips including: manuals, enroute charts, landing information, approach charts, fuel calculation and more. eForms are available to the pilots to complete during the flight.
  6. Post-Flight eForms / eReporting are available to the pilots to report back to flight operations any important information such as an Occurrence Report.  
During the Webinar you see that Logipad represents an EFB management solution, which provides a standardized platform to distribute data to any EFB device that guarantees flexible and scalable information handling on ground and in the air.  It helps you to replace existing paper based business processes by electronic processes through the use of digital information and communication.  These processes match the global process requirement by FAA and EASA in the respective AC120-76B and TGL-36 documentation thus ensuring regulatory compliance.  

Webinar Agenda:
  • Introduction & definition of Logipad EFB
  • The Flight Process & EFB
    - Defining the Flight Process
    - Logipad and the EFB Flight Process
  • Pre-Flight:
    - BACKEND: define content, upload content, assign roles
    - BACKEND: content: testing & release: distribution
    - iPad: Pilot Sync 1: Sync from everywhere with 3G, LTE, WiFi... (hotel, taxi, briefing room, etc)
    - iPad: Pilot Sync 2: Simple Single-Sync on iPad + changes to docs & news
    - Document confirmation
    - Pre Flight facts / eBriefing
  • In-Flight:
    - Access to 3rd Part Apps: Performance Calculation Boeing OPT; Jeppesen Charts, etc
    - eForms / eReporting
  • Post-Flight: 
    - eForms / eReporting
  • Risks & Benefits of Logipad
  • Summary of Loigipad EFB
  • Questions and Answers
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