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Digital Aviation Manuals and Document Management Demo Webinar

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  • Webinar Session 1 - 18th July 2019 - 06:30
    [10:30 Dubai | 12:00 Chennai | 14:30 Singapore | 15:30 Tokyo | 16:30 Sydney]
  • Webinar Session 2 - 18th July 2019 - 14:30
    [09:30 CDT & 10:30 EDT (USA) | 15:30 London | 16:30 Paris]
Webinar Title: Digital Aviation Manuals and Document Management Demo Webinar [Inc: DocuNet Mobile App Viewer Demo - Quick Search, Manual Library; XML / SGML; Edit, Publish and Distribute Manuals and Content; more...]

Date: 18th July 2019
Time: Session 1: 06:30 GMT/UTC; Session 2: 14:30 GMT/UTC
Duration: 1 Hour

Webinar Overview

Register to attend this Webinar and join the aviation technology experts at Vistair as they highlight the common challenges airlines face when manipulating XML/SGML formats for Manuals and Documents and demo how their fully supported document management solution, DocuNet, can improve regulatory compliance, operational efficiency and safety.

During the Webinar, the Vistair team will discuss the different approaches to managing airline documentation and how DocuNet, which is used by over 40 airlines worldwide, can assist airlines, aircraft operators and MROs to efficiently manage (edit, publish and distribute) critical manuals and company documents in multiple formats while providing pilots, cabin crew, and engineers with seamless access to the latest, up-to-date manuals and content via the Mobile App, enabling them to quickly find the mission-critical information they require and operate their roles efficiently and safely.

The Webinar is divided into three key parts:
  1. Vistair Overview, and the challenges and needs when managing airline documentation

    The Webinar begins with an overview of the fully supported document management solution and the different levels of service available. The Vistair experts will highlight the common challenges faced by airlines and MROs when editing, publishing and distributing manuals and how the right document management solution can enable greater control, and positively impact on an airline's resource management, overall efficiency, safety and compliance.

  2. Demo - DocuNet Mobile App Viewer

    The demo will walk you through the DocuNet mobile viewer and its user-friendly, intuitive interface. You will see how pilots, cabin crew and engineers can easily and efficiently access the latest, up-to-date manuals and content via the Mobile App both online and offline.

    Key features you will see include:

    - Software Interface
    - Manual Library
    - Advanced functionality (Read & Sign, annotations, search and more)

  3. What is the best document management approach?

    An efficient and modern document management process comprises several distinct parts, all of which must be perfectly matched if the process is to be both cost effective and efficient. A failure to fully understand the implications of all parts of the process will result in a document management system that adds complication to the operation of the airline, thereby increasing its operational risk and reducing overall efficiency. In this final section of this webinar, the Vistair team of experts will be discussing the modern aviation document management process and what considerations you need to take into account when choosing a document management system.
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