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AVTECH - Advanced Real-Time Weather Briefing and Alerts Pilot App Demo On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

On-Demand Webinar Title:
Advanced Real-Time Weather Briefing and Alerts Pilot App Demo Webinar [inc: iPad In-Flight Pilot Walkthrough Demo; Turbulence, Winds, Trajectory Optimization, etc; Met-Office Advanced High Resolution Weather; Airline Case Studies; more...]

Date Recorded: 27th September 2018
Duration: 1 hour

How to view this On-Demand Webinar:

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Webinar Overview:

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 27th September 2018) for a great chance to see a full overview of the live modern weather uplink solution  Aventus SIGMA from AVTECH, and live demo of the new powerful pilot-centric App.  You will see how it provides real-time weather briefing and alerts, including graphical views of multiple weather phenomena (such as turbulence, wind-shear, temperature, thunder storms, ice, SIGMETS, station weather, volcanic ash, etc.) during all phases of flight; letting pilots track bad weather, and decide whether to re-route the flight or optimize trajectory based on winds. As you will see SIGMA can be delivered to the flight deck via ACARS or Wi-Fi so is compatible with any aircraft type and is simple to deploy, requiring minimal IT involvement. You will also see how the solution is powered by the unique Met Office (UK) 10km global aviation weather forecast model for the most accurate data possible compared to the aviation standard 140km.

The Webinar is divided into three key sections:
  • Full Aventus SIGMA Overview and Case Studies
    First you will see an overview of the solution, its key features and benefits; including how it provides improved flight deck decision support through uplinking of weather hazard information, assisting airlines to operate safer, more economical, smoother and punctual flights avoiding significant weather. Also how the solution is benefiting major airlines such as easyJet to optimize cruise, decent and climb trajectories based on the latest wind information, leading to significant fuel savings.

  • Advanced Weather Data - How it works and why it's important
    Next you will learn how the unique Met Office 10km grid resolution worldwide forecast represents the most realistic and accurate forecasts available in the industry. Tests have shown that the 10km grid resolution forecast, when compared to the aviation standard of 140km grids, reduces wind and temperature errors by more than 50%.

  • iPad Weather App Pilot Walkthrough Demo
    Finally you will see how pilots navigate the new App's graphically optimized view providing live weather data, as well as the direction of the weather's movement for the entire flight in real-time. You will see how pilots can plan the most efficient routes and trajectories to avoid significant weather or optimize cruise, descent or climb levels.
Webinar Agenda:
  • Advanced weather - the BIG difference
  • Benefits and case studies - Demo of new App now available
  • Summary
  • Q&A

AVTECH develops products and services for the global aviation industry; e.g. airlines, airports, aviation authorities, technology companies and aircraft manufacturers. By using AVTECH’s products and services, each individual flight as well as the entire airline operation can be optimized in terms of cost, noise and emission, efficiency, punctuality and safety.

About the Met Office (UK)

The Met Office, UK´s National weather service, is one of only two World Area Forecast Centers (WAFC) providing high-level weather information for the entire globe. The Met Office has developed a unique high resolution 10KM weather forecast to which AVTECH has an exclusive access through a jointly developed API.

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