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Main Contact: Ashley Parrish

Telephone: +1 630.620.0472



Address: Förrådsgatan 4, 856 33, Sundsvall, Sweden 100 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Florida 33132 USA

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Since 2003, navAero has been at the leading edge of electronic flight bag technology and has played a major role in helping the Aviation Industry define the standards and desired architectures for EFB hardware.


With more than 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and commercializing application-specific computer systems, navAero brings to the aviation marketplace ruggedly built EFB systems that meet the needs of the commercial, business and military aviation industry in terms of design, functionality and affordability. With 29 airlines under contract, the navAero t Bag™ EFB System has truly become an established and industry-proven product. The robust yet affordable navAero computer and display platform features the latest in technology and aircraft/wireless communications interfaces.

The navAero EFB hardware technology has been designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous requirements for business, commercial and military aircraft installations. It is built with modular flexibility that allows it to be easily fitted into virtually any aircraft type – fixed or rotary wing. All components meet or exceed aerospace industry standards and are certified to all applicable RTCA/DO-160 levels to insure high reliability.

Today, navAero continues its leadership position by holding the distinction of being the first Class 2 EFB system that received authorization to deploy Jeppesen TSO’d Airport Airport Moving Map application with own-ship position shown.

This deployment was implemented with our customer, Continental Airlines, who has received Operational Approval for use of the Jeppesen AMM application.  This ground-breaking technology was launched on Continentals B757 and is now rolling-out to their other fleets. The world-wide automatic updating process of the Continental database also resides on the navAero t▪BagC22 EFB system and is enabled via navAero’s own 3G card which has achieved AT&T certification.

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