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eMan & Archimedes

IT Services

From business analysis to system design, IT in the aviation sector is highly specialised. Our pragmatic approach is honed from over 25 years of service delivery.

Your business needs are underpinned by our comprehensive knowledge of both proven and future technologies and their effective application. AviIT is experienced in a wide range of technologies both specific to the aviation sector and in the broader environment. We can also lay an unassailable claim to be the world’s leading authority in the implementation and operation of solutions we have created; Bluebox IFE, eMan and Archimedes.

We offer our expertise wherever we genuinely believe that we can deliver value and we engage with the primary objective of exceeding client expectations by providing solutions that will give tangible service improvements and cost savings. Our technical consultants have a broad knowledge of all infrastructure issues and each has a specialist skill area - as well as the all important ability to communicate this effectively at all levels within your organisation.

We have undertaken engagements involving business analysis, solution architecture, implementation – including new technologies as well as optimisation and “lift and shift” activities – as well as on-going support and maintenance. Unlike many IT businesses, we aim to provide clients with self-sufficiency where it is both desired and the expertise exists so we carefully manage the disengagement process. We are not looking to create a dependancy upon our services as we firmly believe that clients should use us because they want to not because they must.