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Main Contact: Kevin Clark

Telephone: +44 (0) 1383 620922



Address: UK address: Century House, 43 East Port, Dunfermline KY127JE, United Kingdom U.S. address: 24 Melissa Ct., Riverhead, NY 11901, United States

AviIT Ltd

AviIT is a specialist software solutions and services provider that is focused on improving productivity and reducing costs in the Aviation Sector. Through our in-depth understanding of the engineering and operational challenges within aviation we develop and deliver innovative, cost effective software based solutions that utilise the latest technologies.

eMan & Archimedes

About Us

AviIT was founded by David Brown in early 2004 following almost 25 years in the provision of specialised development and IT consultancy services in a range of sectors. Much of David’s later career had been in the aviation sector and he recognised a need for a range of IT services focused upon the requirements of this sector. Out of this was born Aviation IT, AviIT (pronounced Eigh-Vee-I-T).

AviIT started life in the delivery of IT Consultancy services, principally around IT infrastructure, and was successful in securing early business supporting the development of airlines such as BMI and Etihad. Contracts like these provided the foundations of the business as well as providing a platform from which to develop and deliver product-based solutions that address constraints faced by the airlines, aircraft operators and the supply ecosystem.

The in-house software development team has grown from a small capability providing bespoke products to become a significant engine of solution creation. Utilising the latest software development methodologies and tools, the AviIT development team has created a range of solutions with full lifecycles that are managed against appropriate solution roadmaps. In short, AviIT has evolved into product-based software business.

However, we remain true to our roots. Our foundation in service provision means that we recognise the critical importance of ensuring the products are backed by unrivalled service and support wherever our clients are based. Establishing operations in Europe, the US and most recently Australia is testimony to this commitment.

We work with a wide range of clients and including some of the worlds leading airlines, business jet and helicopter fleet operators as well as in-house and 3rd party maintenance and repair operators.

In 2008 we established a joint venture, Bluebox Avionics, with Phantom Media for the development and supply of portable in flight entertainment (IFE) systems based upon of-the-shelf portable devices. Our Bluebox portable IFE solution has established a number of “firsts” most recently becoming the first major deployment of iPad-based IFE.

We are committed to the aviation sector, our clients, partners, staff and stakeholders. The firsts will continue.

  • Archimedes
Aircraft operators have a wide range of data available through ACARS to monitor and manage the fleet performance. Archimedes cuts through the clutter to simplify this process.
  • eMan
Whether you operate under Part 91, 121, 135, or Part 145 eMan ensures the efficient distribution of technical publications in the maintenance and repair environment. The right documents to the right users exactly when they need them. If you're an A&P, QA/QC, Safety, Flight Op's, DOM, Technical Librarian, or other consumer of maintenance information, eMan will simplify your life, increase safety, and improve your bottom-line.
  • Bluebox IFE

Bluebox is the premier tablet-based IFE solution delivering early window content (movies) from the leading Hollywood studios as well as TV, audio, books, magazine and games content.

  • IT Services
From business analysis to system design, IT in the aviation sector is highly specialised. Our pragmatic approach is honed from over 25 years of service delivery.

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