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ELB Ground System™

ELB Ground System™ is a reliable and available paperless repository for technical log data. Technical log information can originate with paper or can be electronic from inception using ULTRAMAIN ELB.

It is a system-of-record auditable database for fleet wide technical log information. ELB Ground System supports two-way integration with your Maintenance and Engineering software systems in accordance with SPEC2000 Chapter 17.
Benefits of ELB Ground System™

• Virtual electronic tech logs without EFB hardware
• Do not have to wait for EFBs to begin the process
• Allows process improvements immediately
• Can implement paperless tech log incrementally
• Web Based Research Engine
• Fewer NFF – lower maintenance costs
• Supports mixed fleets – for paper logs and paperless
• Same electronic signoff and release process
• Same ground software for all maintenance personnel
Capabilities of ELB Ground System™

• Protected vault of electronic data
• Full communications capabilities
• Integrates to M & E systems per SPEC2000 Ch17
• SPEC2000 compliant interfaces
• Offline or connected use capable
• Web 2.0 Smart Client architecture