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Main Contact: Melissa Martinez

Telephone: +1 505.828.9000



Address: 8100 Lang Avenue NE Albuquerque, NM 87109 USA

Ultramain Systems

Ultramain Systems, Inc. develops best in class M&E / MRO and electronic logbook software, ULTRAMAIN ELB, for the aviation industry. ULTRAMAIN is software designed to cover your organization from fleet management to operations, from supply to finance, and from MRO/M&E to EFB and onboard systems.


v9 M&E/ MRO

ULTRAMAIN software was and is developed by Ultramain Systems in close collaboration with our customers and is made up of standalone products that can be installed individually where they integrate and operate with existing software, or implemented as a whole where they highly integrate with each other and entirely replace legacy maintenance and supply chain systems. ULTRAMAIN v9 is native web based state-of-the-art software using the latest software technology, JAVA EE, which provides users excellent continuity throughout all products. ULTRAMAIN is architected by a talented design team, ensuring optimum design threads throughout all software products regardless of which product you may be interested in. ULTRAMAIN is not a hodgepodge of products built in disparate old technologies acquired from defunct companies and marketed under a single name (all too prevalent in the marketplace). ULTRAMAIN is the most advanced, comprehensive, integrated and state-of-the-art software you will find.