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Main Contact: Knut Aabo

Telephone: +32 (0)11 72 10 30



Address: 105 av. du Général Eisenhower BP 63647 31036 Toulouse Cedex 1 France


Thales is a world-leading provider of onboard and ground systems for the civil aerospace market. The company’s Aerospace activities employ 13,000 people, who are helping to define tomorrow's air transport solutions: cleaner, quieter and more efficient aircraft designed to fly safely in ever-more crowded skies.

Thales EFB solutions

Thales offers scalable solutions to optimize airline operations in the cockpit, cabin and on the ground.

With the acquisition of Aviovision, a leading innovative and independent software and services provider for the aviation industry, in October 2016, Thales further strengthens the group’s positioning as leader in digital solutions designed to support airlines in the optimization of their operations.

AVIOBOOK® is an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software suite composed of different modules that respond to the needs the airlines have to digitalize their operations. The suite consists of functions on a tablet - Windows or iOS based - and a server application that runs in the airline operations department. Both provide together a number of functions and workflow driven tools to pilots, cabin crews and mechanics. The solution can be deployed consistently across a mixed aircraft fleet and is customizable and tailored to airline needs and operational constraints. AVIOBOOK® is currently successfully implemented at 34+ airlines and is currently used on more than 1,100 aircraft.

AVIOBOOK® complements Thales’ portfolio of solutions designed to support airlines in the optimization of their operations thru operational efficiencies and reduced operational costs. Thales EFB solutions include:

  • Software & services : AVIOBOOK
  • EFB hardware solutions: Thales Pad, Dock & Fly system, Aircraft Interface Device
  • Aircraft installation with STC, mounting…


Thales advantages:

  • Thales worldwide presence
  • Expertise and agility in software development
  • Proven and reliable solutions
  • Expertise in large scale infrastructure and secure solutions

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