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Sabre AirCentre

Sabre AirCentre Movement Manager

Execute the best operational plan at all times.

Optimizing aircraft utilization, while also adhering to complex requirements and adapting to ongoing schedule changes, requires a flexible, scalable movement control system that facilitates a proactive and collaborative approach to operations.

Sabre AirCentre Movement Manager creates a collaborative environment through integrated operations management. Integrating systems and data across the departments and alliances enables decision-making across all systems, including crew, flight planning, MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul), airport management and reservations. The result:
  • Better aircraft utilization.
  • More collaborative, cross-functional decision-making.
  • Faster recovery from disruptions.
  • Improved on-time performance.
  • A more consistent passenger experience.

How it Works
Movement Manager delivers end-to-end operations schedule management for consolidated, real-time flight information through an advanced GUI. The solution offers customizable alerts and sophisticated rules to manage by exception. Cross-functional access to data from all sources enables holistic decision making and improved situational awareness. Multiple recovery simulations and “what-if” scenarios improve pre-planning. Seamless recovery deployments account for aircraft, maintenance, crew and passengers.


  • Supports multiple messaging types and provides comprehensive transaction histories and audit trails.
  • Automated tail assignment incorporates complex business parameters and optimizes schedule continuity.
  • Allows controllers to operate form a single, common view across all departments.
  • Movement Manager Web add-on provides anywhere, anytime access to operations information across operations and airports, improving communications and efficiency.
  • Automated restrictions and requirements adapt to changing operational conditions, such as flight delays and maintenance issues.
  • Streamlined workflows support the transition from analysis to deployment.
  • Integration with Sabre AirCentre Recovery Manager Ops facilitates automated recovery planning through sophisticated scenario analysis enabling controllers to plan for disruptions and deploy timely, cost-efficient solutions

The Sabre Difference  
The Movement Manager Web add-on provides anywhere, anytime access to operations information across operations and airports, helping you improve overall communication and efficiency across your airline.

Create multiple scenarios that take into account cost constraints when managing disruptions. Scenarios can be shared for cross-departmental collaboration prior to saving or deploying. Controllers can quickly deploy a solution across departments utilizing flexible, rules-driven messaging.

Ensures schedule continuity from planning through day-of-operations through automated tail assignment, based on your set parameters. Integration with the scheduling system streamlines the transition between scheduling and flight operations to create efficiencies and increase productivity.
Our single operations control system with integrated workflows scale to meet the needs of future organic and inorganic growth.