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Main Contact: Dirk Leese

Telephone: +49 201 95975 389



Address: DextraData GmbH Girardetstraße 4 40131 Essen Germany


Logipad: Best choice for pilots, processes, productivity

Logipad is an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution designed to make flight management simple, fast and smart for pilots, crew and ground staff alike. ​
No matter what kind of device you prefer, Logipad guarantees flexible and scalable information handling both on the ground and in the air on mobile and mounted devices.​

Role-based management helps you ensure the provision of all relevant data to the right user group. Weather charts, forms or manuals, Logipad replaces paper-based information and keeps it up to date.

The ground process, which deploys all sent data to connected devices, is standardized and meets the requirements set out by the FAA and the EASA in the AC120-76B and NPA 2012-02 (former TGL-36) documentation.


Logipad© is a global management solution to update and maintain data on EFB Devices.

The core component are the Logipad© Ground Services, which provide a standardized and reliable process to deliver information.
The Ground Services are device, content and supplier independent, and offers the airline a wide range of potentials. Class-I Laptops, Class-II Devices, iPad© or Tablet Devices can be attached and fully managed.

Pilots, Cabin or Maintenance Content or any type of 3rd Party Applications can be integrated. The greatest potentials of Logipad© are the multi-system abilities, to provide devices to the Pilots, Cabin Crew and Maintenance Engineers at the same time.