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KEys for Operations and Planning System

KEOPS is a unique Flight Operations and Cost management software.

KEOPS is fed with each departments’ specific information:  Sales, OCC, Crew Rostering, HR and Accounting…

Data is processed in a simple, logical and reliable way, with fleet, crew and costs optimization as main focuses.

KEOPS addresses both operational and financial requirements:

  • Optimum flight scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Crew rostering and management
  • Flight tracking and cost control
  • Post flight analysis

KEOPS embeds IATA-compliant messaging as well as import/export facilities to communicate with other systems (AMASIS, Flight Planning, Accounting, Human Resources, GDS…).

KEOPS offers web-based user-friendly graphical interfaces, combined with a scalable level of automation.

KEOPS’ Direct Operating Cost & Invoice control module can bring up to a tenfold Return On Investment every year.

A modular solution

The smart combination of the 20 integrated modules and add-ons makes the complete operations process coherent, tracked and available in real time.

E-mail, fax and SITA communication facilities convey the information to the outside (commercial aviation, local suppliers and crew) and integrates specific messages at the same time (movements, load, ATC Slots…).

  • FLIGHT SCHEDULING:  SSM/ASM Messages, Airport Slots
  • CREW MANAGEMENT: Crew rostering, Logistics, Training, Legality, Crew Web Access, Sign on / Sign Off, e-Borders
  • FLIGHT OPERATIONS: MVT/LDM Messages, Charterer flights tracker
  • IBIS