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Main Contact: Karima Mennal

Telephone: +33 (0) 5 62 74 75 00



Address: Colombe Parc Bât A 5 Boulevard Jean-Auguste INGRES CS 30324 31773 Colomiers Cedex FRANCE


Founded in 1987 in Toulouse, IFR France meets all critical demanding requirements of both civil and military operators. Today IFR is the only company able to provide to its customers an integrated software suite.


Since its foundation in 1987, IFRSKEYES answers the specific needs of demanding commercial and military operators.

IFRSKEYES, an AIRBUS company, is a full-service IT provider specialized in aviation software managing aircraft maintenance and flight operations. Its recognized know-how is based on a central strategic axis: the entire aircraft management.

Thus, IFRSKEYES develops and offers:

  • A consistent range of information systems to control:

Aircraft Maintenance (Base / line maintenance, engineering, Supply chain)

Airline Flight Operations and related costs

Business Intelligence to develop and distribute high level reports and KPIs.

  • IFRSKEYES provides all implementation related services

Audit & expertise

Business Process Reengineering

Initial training, refreshment courses

On-the-job training

Integration with other systems

In house programming


A continuous progress

These user-friendly, global and modular solutions, build-up a complete and consistent information system to meet the aircraft operators’ requirements involved in a quality and high demanding management process. IFRSKEYES software offer has been continuously developed, enhanced and structured, leading the company in a progressive development. IFRSKEYES today is positioned as a versatile software provider, affordable for purchase as well as for Internet access rental (SaaS – Solution as a Service).

A complete software suite

IFRSKEYES offers to airlines, military forces, helicopter operators, MRO companies, CAMO holders’ two integrated software solutions to meet all management needs:

AMASIS (Aircraft Maintenance And Spares Information System)

  • AMASIS is the solution to organise, monitor and integrate the Aircraft maintenance processes. All the departments (MCC, Planning, Engineering, Production, Stores, Procurements, QA) involved in the maintenance, can work in synergy using a complete and reliable information system. The software consists of 14 distinct modules and add-ons that can be implemented progressively, according to Customer’s needs.

KEOPS (Keys for Operations and Planning System)

  • KEOPS is as a complete information system is the spine of Airline operations. The information will be controlled and enhanced as the events occur (Flight scheduling, Crew management, Logistics, Flight tracking, Performances, DOC Analysis …) to analyse the activity and process its associated costs. These financial data update a database to generate budget simulations, or hypothetic flight quotation.  The combination of the 20 modules and add-ons of this integrated software ensures the company a full operational and financial control of the whole activity. Powerful communication functions spread and automatically integrate the messages linked to the different operational participants (services, crew, suppliers, IATA).
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