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Main Contact: Raju Velayudhan

Telephone: +91 484 409 6777



G-AERO division of GrandTrust InfoTech

G-AERO Suite

G-AERO is the specialty division of GrandTrust InfoTech Pvt Ltd exclusively dealing with innovative software products meant for Airline industry, for Contracts, Cost and Operations management. Designed by Airline industry experts and Technology specialists, we put technology to its best use to provide totally integrated financial, cost and operations management solutions
G-COMS Airline Cost & Contracts Management System streamlines the entire contract life cycle and helps the Airline to gain absolute control over Direct Operating Cost (DOC)
  • G-COMS contract management with add-on support for IATA© SGHA, acts as a central repository  of all DOC contracts, terms and rates.
  • G-COMS facilitates real time reporting of operating cost right from its point of occurrence. Airlines can determine the cost of a turn around, the moment the Aircraft shuts the door. Besides, G-COMS supports accrual accounting  for DOC
  • G-COMS helps implement Activity Based Costing (ABC), Activity Based Management (ABM) and Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB)
  • G-COMS is the right tool for manual/electronic invoice reconciliation  and provides for automatic reconciliation of electronic invoices
  • G-COMS is an excellent tool to devise and implement Cost Containment initiatives
  • G-COMS provides KPIs for comparative cost analysis for pro-active decision making
  • G-COMS provides for extensive MIS / Dashboard  reporting for all levels of management and is an excellent tool for contract negotiation
G-COMS Advantages

  • Know Activity Based cost
  • Visibility to activities at stations
  • On time performance report
  • Know areas of cost overrun and take corrective actions
  • Accountability accounting - who is responsible for what
  • Cost reporting at flight, station, element and activity levels
  • No change in your existing work-flow. Leverage it.
  • Root cause analysis simplified
  • Local users but central control
  • Increased efficiency
  • Huge manpower savings
  • Move towards Paper less office
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