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Main Contact: Andy Smith

Telephone: +49 (511) 496 0510



Address: Arnswaldtstraße 10, 30159 Hannover, Germany


FuelPlus – Aviation Enterprise Fuel Management Solution

FuelPlus Software GmbH – for over ten years we have been developing and providing leading software solutions for the global aviation industry. For our renowned customers such as Lufthansa, KLM and Etihad, we offer a wide range of products and services.

FuelPlus’ solutions are mature, easy-to-use, and comprehensive. They enable users to implement and operate state-of-the-art fuel management processes, meet governmental accounting standards, improve internal efficiencies, and – last but not least – achieve substantial savings.

Our solutions also enable emissions monitoring and reporting as required by regulations such as the EU Emission Trading Scheme and compliance with auditing requirements and regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Completing our range of services, we also provide: fuel consultancy, implementation project services, training, product support services, and maintenance.

Our clients benefit from our innovative energy combined with our expert knowledge. We assist our customers in all aspects of fuel management and, in cooperation with the FuelPlus User Group and industry associations, develop and provide state-of-the art solutions and services

Fuel Management Solution

FuelPlus Software GmbH (FPS) is a fuel management solution provider for the global aviation industry, focusing on integrated fuel management, consulting and support services. Established in 2000 in Germany, FPS is recognized as the leading vendor of integrated fuel management solutions to major airlines around the world.

PPS’ flagship product is FuelPlus EFM, the integrated software solution that supports all aspects of today's modern airline fuel management activities. By combining airline best practices in fuel planning, tendering, purchasing, inventory and supply chain management, operations and accounting, FuelPlus’ process automation leads to cost reductions and productivity increases. FuelPlus EFM, in use at a growing number of the world’s leading airlines, has proven its value in day-to-day business.

FuelPlus ASP Emissions is FPS’ hosted solution for monitoring and reporting tonne-kilometre and CO2 emissions according to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). Especially designed for small to mid-sized airlines, FuelPlus ASP Emissions enables aircraft operators to use the proven FuelPlus EFM functionality without investing in additional IT resources.

Based on the enterprise fuel management solution FuelPlus EFM, FuelPlus ASP Emissions supports all business functions required by airlines to monitor and report tonne-kilometre and CO2 emissions in line with the regulations of EU ETS. Successfully assessed by an independent verifier, FuelPlus ASP Emissions ensures that the implemented calculation methods and reports on tonne-kilometre and CO2 emissions are suitable for approval by the airline’s chosen verifier and the responsible competent authority.