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Main Contact: Diogo Serradas

Telephone: +353 1 806 1000



Address: AMT (Aircraft Management Technologies), 1, The Green, Malahide, Co. Dublin, Ireland.


Flightman™ connects aircraft to airlines’ backend systems via onboard software applications and provides airlines with significant costs savings in both Flight Operations and Maintenance.

Flightman™ Applications Suite

Aircraft Management Technologies (AMT) is a specialized provider of technology to enable the “Connected Aircraft.” AMT’s Flightman™ product is a complete Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software solution for the aviation industry. Flightman™ enables airlines to be compliant in all aspects of onboard flight operations in a cost effective manner and provides a platform for future revenue generation applications in the cabin.

Product/Services Technology: AMT’s patented, award-winning Flightman™ software comprises three main elements: 1) a set of onboard software applications, 2) a ground server for the management of EFBs, and 3) capabilities for optimized communications between the onboard software and ground systems.

Flightman’s out-of-the-box software applications include:

  • eJourney Log (Hours, Cycles, Delays, Fuel, vendor management, Crew, Landing Data)
  • Business Intelligence Tool (incl. Fuel Performance Analysis)
  • Electronic Flight Folder (Flight briefing, Flight Plan, NOTAMS, Waypoints, ETOPS, Alternate Airport Summary, Weather, Wind Charts)
  • eTechlog
  • Weight & Balance/Performance Calculations
  • MRV/EU-ETS emissions reporting
  • Integration with 3rd Party Chart Provider (e.g. Jeppesen)
  • Large Content Manager (Manuals, SOPs etc)
  • Forms Designer (ASR, Birdstrike etc)
  • PRM (Passenger Relationship Management)
  • Cabin Surveillance

All Flightman™ onboard applications are integrated with the Flightman™ Ground Server Administration Manager and two way integration with all relevant Airline Ground Based systems is provided via Industry Standard XML links.

Beyond applications, Flightman™ uniquely allows airlines to achieve the truly “Connected Aircraft” by providing automated capabilities for data synchronization and communication, which recognize that aircraft are “occasionally connected.” The ground-based portion of Flightman™ holds a complete master database for the entire fleet. Using a modern “Publish and Subscribe” architecture, Flightman™ provides automated, bi-directional synchronization between recognizing that there are often several communications options available that differ in bandwidth and cost, Flightman™ incorporates a “Policy-Based Routing” feature that enables communication decisions to be made based on attributes of the data being sent, including data source information, as opposed to conventional routing algorithms where the decision is primarily based on the data destination. The types of communication links supported by Flightman™ include: USB drive, Gate link/WiFi, ACARS, Cell phone/GPRS and Satellite /Iridium.

Benefits and Advantages
AMT has conducted studies in conjunction with over twenty commercial operators that demonstrate reduced costs of $150k- $250k per aircraft per year based on process improvements enabled by AMT’s Flightman™ platform.

AMT is a specialized and independent software vendor. Our Flightman™ EFB solution has been designed for maximum portability and flexibility. Our customers can benefit from a single fleet-wide EFB solution that:

  •  Runs on all classes of hardware (FAA EFB Class 1, 2, or 3)
  •  Is independent of hardware vendor
  •  Supports all aircraft types
  •  Is able to host third-party applications e.g. Jeppesen Chart Viewer
  •  Is independent of Operating System (OS)
  •  Integrates with  an airlines’ Flight Planning, MRO, Financial and other systems to deliver the data to the aircraft

AMT conducts Lean Process Analysis workshops in order to develop a business case for an EFB project.

The purpose of the workshop is to assist airlines in understanding how the use of EFB technologies and the application of Lean principles can transform their business processes, deliver a compelling return on investment, and dramatically improve their operational performance.