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ETS Aviation Fuel Saving and Emissions Trading Software

Aviation FuelSaver™

Fuel conservation – the big issue

Nowhere is fuel efficiency more critical than in the aviation industry where fuel may represent up to 40% of an operator’s costs. Conserving fuel by operating aircraft more efficiently is THE top priority everywhere because just a 1% saving can be worth $millions. Which is why we developed Aviation FuelSaver for operators large and small, to identify, calculate and monitor every possible fuel saving opportunity.

How it works

The Aviation FuelSaver programme puts together experienced fuel-saving specialists with custom-built software that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. Our specialists do the groundwork to identify the opportunities while the software extracts key data on both ground and flight operating variables to measure, forecast and accurately report on your fuel saving options. It enables easy calculation of potential fuel savings, a wide range of What If? calculations, and an easy check on what’s happening on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.


Easy data capture

Aviation FuelSaver takes data from flight planning and monitoring systems, and from additional sources including:

Load information/DCS
Fuel accounting / inventory system
Tech log and/or EFB

Over 80 parameters

Aviation FuelSaver processes over 80 key parameters for each flight. These range from the operation of your GPU to Climb Fuel burn rates, and from Weight calculations to incidences of Reduced Flap Landings.

Hundreds of analyses

The Aviation FuelSaver control panel allows you to analyse the data in many different ways, with charts and graphics accessible at the touch of a button. You can also test out your ideas with What If? calculations to predict the fuel saving potential of any number of ideas or operational strategies.

Track your savings

Once you’ve got started, Aviation FuelSaver makes it easy to keep track. Every fuel-saving initiative can be tracked individually, compared with alternative approaches and reported on as frequently as you like.

FuelSaver Support

You are never on your own with Aviation FuelSaver. Our specialists not only help you set up the programme, they know how to analyse the options, pinpoint the opportunities and then deliver the results. And because they’ve done it before, they’ll also help you get buy-in from your colleagues.

One subscription … three steps

The Aviation FuelSaver programme is available on an annual subscription which includes both the consultancy service and the software. Because we keep charges low we are able to help even small operators and airlines access expertise that is normally beyond their reach.

Step 1 On-site assessment of your current operating procedures in the key areas of pre-flight planning, engineering, ground operations and flight operations. Our specialist’s initial report sets out the fuelsaving potential and makes specific recommendations.

Step 2 Log in and upload data. Set benchmarks and agree changes to operating procedures to improve fuel efficiency.

Step 3 Measure, monitor and report actual fuel savings. Our specialist remains on hand with ongoing support and advice.

The ETS Aviation team is a class act that provides outstanding customer service 24/7.”
Evergreen International Airlines

Click here to download the Aviation FuelSaver brochure.