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Main Contact: Paulo Aguiar

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Address: Gibralter, UK

ETS Aviation

ETS Aviation provides a unique software and consulting solution to Airline Fuel Efficiency Programmes through our Aviation FuelSaver™. We pride ourselves on having created our programme with direct industry experience.

We also have an ETS reporting management tool which is also coupled with a high level of consulting expertise to assist you in your operations surrounding the new EU Emissions Trading Scheme. We create, manage and help you submit your data on carbon emissions in a clean and efficient manner.

ETS Aviation Fuel Saving and Emissions Trading Software

About ETS Aviation

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Fuel-saving programmes and emissions data management 

Since early 2009 our team of aviation specialists and software designers has helped 100s of aviation operators all over the world.We work with airlines, business aviation operators and trip support companies. And we make their life easier.

We created the ground breaking Aviation FuelSaver TM, software and consultancy programme - the easiest to use and lowest cost fuel efficiency system on the market - having already launched a software and consultancy solution called Aviation Footprinter TM, for managing EU ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) requirements.

Speak to one of our specialists today and let us solve a few of your problems.


ETS Aviation was formed in 2009 by a small team of aviation specialists and software designers.

To every client we offer the same  –  an understanding of the aviation business combined with the expertise to develop software that puts you in control AND saves you time and money.

ETS Aviation itself is the ultimate lean operator –no frills and very agile. Nevertheless we have developed industry-leading products whichwe are improving all the time.

The company sells its software and support services  on a subscription basis. Because we keep charges low we are able to help business jet operators and small airlines access expertise that is normally beyond their reach.

Since 2009, the company has helped over 100 airlines, business jet operators and flight management companies around the world with their ETS requirements and with the introduction of fuel saving programmes.

Click on the two module links opposite for full details about our software package Aviation Fuelsaver and Aviation Footprinter.  A brief introduction can be read below.

Aviation Fuelsaver™
The fuel-efficiency programme

Fuel conservation – the big issue
Nowhere is fuel efficiency more critical than in an industry where fuel may represent 40% or more of an operator’s costs. Conserving fuel by operating aircraft more efficiently is THE top priority everywhere because just a 1% saving can be worth $millions. Which is why we developed Aviation FuelSaver for operators large and small, to identify, calculate and monitor every possible fuel saving opportunity.

How it works

The Aviation FuelSaver programme puts together experienced fuel-saving specialists with custom-built software that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. Our specialists do the groundwork to identify the opportunities while the software extracts key data on both ground and flight operating variables to measure, forecast and accurately report on your fuel saving options. It enables easy calculation of potential fuel savings, a wide range of What If?calculations, and an easy check on what’s happening on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.

Easy data capture

Aviation FuelSaver takes data from flight planning and monitoring systems, and from additional sources including: Load information/DCS▪ ACARS▪ Fuel accounting / inventory system ▪ Tech log and/or EFB

Over 80 parameters

Aviation FuelSaver processes over 80 key parameters for each flight. These range from the operation of your GPU to Climb Fuel Burn rates, and from  Weight calculations  to incidences of Reduced Flap Landings.

Hundreds of analyses

The Aviation FuelSaver  control panel allows you to analyse the data in many different ways, with charts and graphics accessible at the touch of a button. You can also test out your ideas with What If?calculations to predict the fuel saving potential of any number of ideas or operational strategies.

Track your savings

Once you’ve got started, Aviation FuelSaver makes it easy to keep track. Every fuel-saving initiative can be tracked individually, compared with alternative approaches and reported on as frequently as you like.

FuelSaver Support

You are neveron your own with Aviation FuelSaver. Our specialists not only help you set up the programme, they know how to analyse the options,pinpoint the opportunities and then deliver the results. And because they’ve done it before, they’ll also help you get buy-in from your colleagues.

Aviation Footprinter™
For carbon emissions reporting

Europe leads with ETS

The EEC’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) launched into European airspace in 2009. Aviation operators had to submit carbon emission plans and then produce an annual report of their actual CO2 usage. Each operator was awarded an amount of free carbon credits. Operators who don’t have enough, have to buy more. Trading starts in 2012.  That’s why we introduced Aviation Footprinter to simplify the whole process and ensure that operators get their credits and don’t get penalised.

Web-based access 24/7

Aviation Footprinter is accessible at any time of day or night anywhere in the world. No special hardware is needed. Just internet access.

Seamless integration

Aviation Footprinter draws data from your existing flight planning and monitoring systems. Flight plans and expected fuel usage are compared with your recorded data and with Eurocontrol (which rmonitors all flights into and out of European airspace) records. The system automatically calculates, checks and tabulates carbon emissions.

Self audit

Aviation Footprinter includes a full database of aircraft types and airports throughout the world to ensure input accuracy. The system automatically flags errors, omissions and inconsistencies, making it very user-friendly.

Streamlined reports

Aviation Footprinter generates its reports at the click of a mouse. The output includes full operator details, aircraft data and emissions data for every flight within European airspace within the period. Aviation Footprinter reports can be uploaded directly onto the  Environment Agency website.


Aviation Footprinter makes life easier for your verifier. Much of their work can be done online because all the background data is accessible remotely. Even documents can be uploaded if required as a back up.

ETS Support Service

The specialists at ETS Aviation have unrivalled experience dealing with every aspect of the EEC’s carbon accounting scheme. This includes handling the entire process on your behalf, from the submission of initial plans to the relevant authority, through to completing annual reports, streamlining the verification process,   and liaising with regulators.


“The ETS Aviation team is a class act that provides outstanding customer service 24/7. “Evergreen International Airlines.

Strategic Partnership Programme

A number of service providers have joined our Strategic Partner Programme. Through this they get access to our software on behalf of their own clients. They are able to set up individual databases for each client via our master user function and thereby deliver all the benefits under their own brand.

Our Strategic Partners include international Trip Planning service providers Colt, Jeppesen and World Fuel Services.

We are proud that Aerobytes, the leading Flight Data Monitoring specialist, was our first strategic partner in the Aviation FuelSaver Programme.


“ETS Aviation’s FuelSaver Programme offers an amazing level of expertise at remarkably low cost.”

Aerobytes, the first service provider to link Aviation FuelSaver to their FDM system.

Aviation Footprinter is available on an annual subscription which can also include the ETS Support Service if required.

The Aviation FuelSaver annual subscription includes both the consultancy service and the software. 

Subscription rates depend on the size of your fleet. Current rates are as follows:

Our clients
Here are some of our clients, and what they have said about us:

“Within days we located substantial fuel and CO2 saving opportunities and have already started implementing initiatives that will reduce fuel costs and emissions.”
Evergreen International Airlines

“The Jeppesen and ETS Aviation partnership provides operators with a one-stop solution to comply with EU ETS requirements.”

“Not only the best in class, but also incredible value”
Air Seychelles

“The team at ETS Aviation are truly the best solution when it comes to carbon emissions reporting. This is an organisation which goes the extra mile to get you results, a company that is proactive and one which makes the entire process much less painful.”
Next Generation

“I wanted to express my sincere thanks for not only taking me on a month before my emissions report was due, but also the willingness of yourself and your crew to do whatever it took to get the job done. “711 Cody

“ETS Aviation was contracted by Arabasco at the last moment to develop ETS manuals and to use their Footprinter™ system to enter flight data. In a short time, the manuals were developed and approved by the Spanish authorities. ETS Aviation stayed on top of everything until the verification was complete.”

“Through ETS Aviation weoffer an efficient and comprehensive tool for EU emissions compliance.  We find their web-based product easy to work with and well designed.  ETS Aviation is knowledgeable of the complex requirements and innovative in their approach.”
SVP World Fuel Services

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