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DAC Avionics

Tablet to Aircraft Interface Unit

Tablet to Aircraft Interface Unit

Model: GDC64

Manufacturer: DAC International, Inc. [Quote sheet]

Product Description

The GDC64 TAIU is a type designed approved product*, certified for use on Part 25 business jets and air transport category aircraft. It is approved for connection to any of the aircraft’s +28 volt power busses, and with four ARINC 429 input ports, the GDC64 can provide a wealth of information to an iPad or other Tablet computers (future release), including navigation and air data information. Tablet computers like the iPad, Android and others, find more and more uses in the cockpit these days, from weight and balance calculators to aeronautical charts. The GDC64 is intended to complement these potential requirements making the tablet PC an even more valuable tool for flight deck applications. The unit also serves as a buffer between approved aircraft systems and tablets like the Apple iPad whether it is employed as Class 1 or Class 2 EFB.  See attached youtube video seen at the AEA:

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