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Main Contact: Kasey Baker

Telephone: +1 316 201 3023



Address: 1701 S. Hoover Road Wichita, KS 67209, USA

DAC International

DAC International, Inc. is an avionics sales and distribution company that specializes in the sale and distribution of sophisticated avionics products, systems and test equipment to the world's airlines, corporate aircraft, modification centers, aircraft manufacturers, special mission, and military markets.

DAC Avionics

DAC International, Inc. is a sales and distribution company  specializing in sophisticated avionics products, systems and test equipment to airlines, corporate aircraft operators, modification centres, aircraft manufacturers and military markets . DAC International, Inc. also has in-house capability to manufacture the parts we design. This addition provides DAC with an FAA manufacturing facility, on-staff DER and an ability to integrate our avionics designs into airborne systems to include our Gen-X EFB system and our GDC 64 Tablet to Aircraft Interface Unit.

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