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Inflight Services

Inflight services

Boosting productivity and generating new revenue opportunities

Creating and supporting point-of-sale is a key component of an airline’s ancillary revenue opportunity. Connectivity can also bring a wealth of passenger information to cabin crews, who can use ground-based CRM applications to bolster customer loyalty. Cabin crews can also report onboard maintenance issues, which crews on the ground can see in real time, leading to quicker recovery times and minimizing impact to passengers.

Enhance customer service  and empower your cabin crew

Ancillary revenue
 › Minimize fraud risk with real-time credit card transactions
 › Create onboard seat-upgrade opportunities

Personalized service
 › Integrate loyalty programs into crew-issued tablets
 › Provide crews with passenger-specific  information (e.g. meal preferences or allergies)
 › Enable unique entertainment options for your high-value customers

Onboard maintenance reporting
 › Reduce repair delays by reporting maintenance issues in flight
 › Increase maintenance crew preparedness