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Flight Operations

Flight operations

Streamlining operations with connectivity and EFB programs

With tablet-based EFB programs already online, it’s clear that reliable cockpit connectivity is quickly becoming essential.

Not only are current operations able to gain efficiencies, but new applications can ultimately help reduce delays and  improve comfort for airline crew and passengers.

Enable better decision-making and new efficiency

Flight route and performance optimization
 › Provide actionable fuel- and time-saving opportunities
 › Identify more efficient routes using real-time data inputs

Electronic flight folder
 › Operate optimally when connected
 › Utilize the most current flight information
 › Eliminate paper

Turbulence mapping and  real-time weather
 › Make decisions based on the latest data
 › Increase safety and comfort for your crew and passengers
 › Reduce unscheduled maintenance by avoiding turbulence

Automated aircraft reporting
 › Maintain positioning by tracking airline assets (e.g. airplanes, crew, etc.)
 › Obtain an alternate feed for the Aircraft Situation Display to Industry (ASDI) input
 › Enable geo-fencing notifications of airplanes crossing virtual geographical boundaries

Crew / Operations Center communications (including AOC)
 › Reduce legacy ACARS dependencies
 › Introduce modern interface and new communication features such as sent verifications and read notifications