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Consulting & Services

Audits and consulting

You want to assess your organization to improve airline’s efficiency (flight ops & maintenance) and regulatory conformity,

You want to launch a start-up airline, receiving operational approval or an AOC (including organization, quality, safety, flight operations and maintenance, business plan, etc.),

You want to get or renew an IOSA certification,

You want to be removed from the EU air ban list,

CGX proposes the appropriate team of consultants for that.

Flight ops engineering services

To assist with outsourcing parts of your ops engineering department, or only require support for some specific needs, CGX AERO can:
  • Manage your Airline Operating Manual (Part A, B, C, D) customization,
  • Handle your Dossiers for Authorities (RNAV, RVSM, MNPS, ETOPS, etc.),
  • Perform your aircraft performance studies: route studies, EOSID design,
  • Adapt your aircraft operations related processes to take profit from iPAD or tablet PC,
  • Deliver training as part of our know-how transfer plan.

Assistance for transitioning to the new EASA regulatory framework

  • Briefs / training sessions about the EASA regulation structure / highlight of significant changes
  • Gap analysis: comparison of existing manuals and processes vs. new EASA requirements
  • Definition of an action plan to make the organisation compliant before the applicable deadline
  • Adaptations of Operations Manual (Parts, A, B, C, and D)
  • Adaptations of Training and Organisation Management Manuals


CGX AERO is registered as a training center.

You can consult our training catalogue and you will see that we can address a wide variety of topics to support your needs.

We propose on-site training sessions, but also e-learning solutions.

>> Go faster, improve use of your resources, and get our expertise when you need <<