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Flight Dispatch

skybook provides a seamless transition from your current flight dispatch process to a slick, more reliable digital process, with intuitive modules for monitoring flight sectors and the situation at airfields you are flying to.

As part of the Operations Portal, skybook’s flight dispatch software is accessible via any internet enabled device, allowing you to manage your dispatch process efficiently before departure.

Dispatch Monitor
The Dispatch Monitor displays the list of flights that skybook holds (based on plans received). Ops staff are able to review the plan, current weather and NOTAM for departures, destinations and alternates for each flight. The Dispatch Monitor also highlights the flight record when briefing material has been printed and logs which crew member has printed it. The information displayed on the list includes but it not limited to:
  • Flight Number, Registration
  • Departure Airfield, Destination Airfield
  • STD, STA
  • Sector Signed for, Sector Signed off
  • Commander’s name
  • Off blocks, Airborne
  • Landed, In Blocks

Ops Board
The Ops Board module provides an aircraft based gantt view of both planned and actual sector data. The viewable window is set to, for example t-4 through to t+24. Each ‘actual’ sector block depicts the current known status of the flight based on the data recorded in the journey log or entered manually by operations staff:
  • Departed early
  • Departed on time
  • Departed late
  • Arrived early
  • Arrived on time
  • Arrived late

Airfield Watcher
Provides a graphical overview of METAR and TAF for departure, destination and alternate stations based on the current flight list.

All METAR, TAF and NOTAM received for your airfields are analysed by skybook the second they are received, generating on-screen notifications, emails and SMS to keep you in the loop. Whether it’s the current situation at your airfields, or the predicted forecast for the next few hours, all information displayed by skybook is fully analysed and updated in real time.

Free up hours of time spent manually monitoring your airfields with automatic tracking, allowing you to manage time more effectively for a more efficient operation.

Airfield Watcher is available within skybook or as a standalone system, please click here to find out more – Airfield Watcher.