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Flight Briefing

As part of the Operations Portal, skybook’s flight briefing software is accessible via any internet enabled device, allowing you to manage your flight briefing process efficiently before departure.

skybook collates and analyses flight briefing material quickly and intelligently. Automatically alerting your crew to any information that is operationally significant, relevant to them, specific to their fleet or on general release.

Narrow Route Briefing
Narrow route crew briefings based on the route defined from your flight plans. These briefings contain METARS, TAFS, Airfield and FIR NOTAM, Upper Wind and Temperature Charts, SigWX charts, SIGMETS and route plots including ETOPS. We can integrate directly into your flight planning supplier or you can manually upload plans via the system.

Crew briefings can be exported into PDF so they can either be saved digitally or printed into a hard copy, they can also be accessed directly on a tablet device for a true digital experience.

Briefing Planning Portal

The briefing portal allows ops staff, or crew if required, to access briefing information that can be used for planning. This module provides access to:
  • Raw METAR & TAF
  • Decoded METAR & TAF
  • Airfield and FIR NOTAM
  • Charts
  • Tracks

Operational Notices / Digital Library
Using skybook it’s easy to create, maintain and distribute Flight Crew Notices (FCN), Flight Safety Notices (FSN), Cabin Crew Notices (CCN) and more depending on your requirements. skybook also automatically alerts your Flight Crew to any notices or documents that are relevant to them, whether on general release, specific to their fleet, or specific to them personally.

You can create and maintain your digital libraries for upload using in-house word processing and publishing software, and download and import third-party digital libraries such as Airbus, Boeing, JARS, CAA and IATA.

Flight Record Vault
The Flight Record Vault stores your planned and actual flight data to give you valuable and measurable insights into your performance.

Compare your planned flight data with the actuals recorded by the commander to gain valuable insights into where process improvements can be made.

Compare your planned fuel burns from your OFP with the actual fuel burns recorded by the commander.

Compare planned sector times with actuals, to identify airfields where you are incurring the most delays.

What you get out of skybook‘s Reporting & Analytics module is measurable insights into your flight data that are invaluable when it comes to making informed future decisions.