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Electronic Flight Bag

Bytron Aviation Systems have always been early adopters of new technology and our first EFB solution actually went live in 2007 when others were still doubting the need to reduce the reliance on paper crew briefing packs.

The skybook Electronic Flight Bag app creates a seamless, automated data management system allowing flight crews to access all vital information and perform key flight management tasks on a device instead of on paper.

Our latest EFB solution is engineered to be easier to use than the paper it replaces and will integrate fully with other systems to create a truly collaborative solution that will directly reduce aircrew workloads and will improve the reviewing, recording and sharing of vital flight information across every sector.
There are much more benefits to our EFB than creating a paperless flight deck:
  • Creates a fluid interactive platform
  • Provides up to the minute weather and NOTAM alerts
  • Active alerting highlights concerns
  • Capture and store data during each flight in the journey log
  • Instantly send crew reports back to dispatch teams
  • No need to rely on third party data feeds
  • Integrates with other systems
  • Different data feeds aggregate into one single app
  • Available for iOS, Windows and Android
Our app is developed in-house providing peace of mind that it will be customised to your exact requirements quickly and within budget. Modular by design, our Electronic Flight Bag software is available as part of our skybook premium package or as a stand- alone EFB solution. 

Discover more about our Electronic Flight Bag here.