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Main Contact: Soren Skog

Telephone: +46 70 592 9033



Address: Farogatan 33 164 51 Kista, Sweden


AVTECH's services increases FMS optimization and utilization.
Aventus SIGMA, a cooperation between Met Office(UK) and AVTECH, supplies tailored, trajectory based Severe Weather information in real time, directly to your Pilots and your Aircraft, and now includesOur Met Uplink service Aventus NowCast™, with more than 2 800 000 uplinks performed worldwide, is proven to increase FMS efficiency.
Our service is reliable, easy to use and does not require any IT-investments.

We bring the Right Information at the Right Time to the Right Person.


With fuel prices up 60% the last 12 months, airlines can’t afford to keep a blind spot in FMS optimization.

Aventus NowCast, AVTECH’s cost effective and inexpensive met up-link service is both efficient and world leading in functionality and performance.
It automatically tailors wind and temperature updates and distributes them to the aircraft FMS. It allows Crews to be more effective, but it also builds trust for automation, improves operational efficiency through automation and let any ACARS capable airlines put the missing piece of FMS optimization in place.
Impact for the airline? Lowering the fuel bill!

Aventus SIGMA, with Met Office(UK) severe weather information running in the background, SIGMA severe weather service collect timely and precise information on dangers ahead.
It can be a part of the pre-flight package and is always a part of in-flight updates.
SIGMA give pilots information of Severe Weather on their route, resulting in safer and more passenger friendly operation.
Please refer to our
SIGMA module for more information.

AVTECH Management Dashboard Want to know how efficient your operation has become while using Aventus?
Want to understand important operational and fuel aspects from your FMS?
The AVTECH Management Dashboard is your view inside the flight operational aspects, and gives insight to trajectory information, estimated fuel usage, cost index and more.

The AVTECH Aventus NowCast Full Flight Solution combines the very latest in Aviation Weather Forecasting with a state of the art distribution service. Wind selection capability and Severe Weather updates are automatically distributed, creating a feed of information to each flight within an airline’s network.
Updated Wind- and Temperate information fed into the aircraft FMS, an absolute requirement to be Next Gen compliant, automatically gives optimized wind information packages for all segments of flights. Optimizations are executed based on the actual performance of each individual aircraft as well as on airport procedures, i.e. the specific trajectory that each individual aircraft will follow due to its aircraft type and configuration, weight, speed, met conditions experienced and airport specifics.