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Dock & Fly System

The Dock & Fly System is a smart and evolutive cradle solution for commercial tablets that enables you to safely use your tablet EFB, whenever needed. This robust and reliable system minimizes your maintenance costs and enables an easy and clean cockpit installation.

Evolution Proof Solution
Only the tablet shell must be changed for new tablets for an optimised lifecycle cost and long term solution.

The smart adaptor is compatible with all Tablet shells. It includes a power convertor enabling the use of different tablets with no modification on power supply.

The tablet cradle is compatible with the iPad Air 2 and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Compatibility with other tablets can be discussed on demand.

Adapted to pilot & aircraft-attached tables
The Dock & Fly system is compatible with pilot-attached tablets because the Docking Station and the Smart Adaptor can remain in the aircraft.

The tablet cover and shell form a protective case that reduce tablet breakage and the case can prevent theft because of the possibility to lock the tablet.

The system perfectly matches a fleet consisting of mixed tablets (bring your own device EFB’s) and 2+2 configuration using the same mount, power or STC.