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What is AvioBook?
Pilots, cabin crew, dispatchers and ground staff can use AvioBook anywhere and anytime without having to create new working sessions each time, making communication between the cockpit, cabin and backoffice faster and more efficient than ever before.

The AvioBook platform is seamlessly integrated into one suite with data sharing between the different modules and is available on iPad and on Windows.

Accurate, up-to-date information is provided via an innovative user interface, while calculations are safeguarded in the system and all archived on the AvioBook Base server.


Whether you are a piliot, dispatcher or cabin crew member, AvioBook is the go-to app for all your tasks at hand.

Real time data exchange between ground ops, pilots, dispatchers and cabin crew for more efficiency.

Reduce cost and increase asset utilisation by digitising aircraft processes.


We integrate seamlessly with your existing back-office and IT infrastructure.


All information at your fingertips, even if you are not connected during flight.


Smart attachments and live weather data dynamically added to your flight package.

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12 Modules
  • Main
  • Performance
  • Briefing
  • OFP
  • Weight & Balance
  • Tools
  • Charts
  • Reports
  • Library
  • Globe
  • E-checklist
  • Techlog
How it works
The AvioBook platform is based on a solid and innovative architecture and is the ideal platform for standardization and growth, that can support automation of a variety of commercial operator processes.

The system is built as a 3-tier architecture with the AvioBook EFB (front-office), the AvioBase (mid-office) and the back-office as the 3 relevant tiers.

AvioBook integrates with your existing back-office systems and the platform is open to integrate multiple protocols and data formats.

For airline operation centers we offer AvioBase, a comprehensive software suite which allows OCC staff and dispatchers to create, enrich and manage the electronic flight folder (EFF).

This powerful web-based application also allows to manage and monitor all data going to the pilot's EFBs or cabin and ground crew devices and integrates with your airline’s back-office systems.

AvioBase Features:
  • Follow-up flight data through a user-friendly timeline
  • Add rule based documents, messages and live weather data to the flight briefing
  • Interact with the crew through notifications and reports
  • Interact with the crew & monitor reports
  • Get alarms when data is incomplete or not correct
  • Manage aircraft configurations, users and devices
  • Review, export and analyse historical flight data
"Aviobook revolutionized the way we operate, bringing reduced flight crew workload, increased efficiency, cost reduction, processes simplification and a significant yearly increase in payload. Reliability, flexibility, acessibility and ergonomy are now key drivers in our challenging operational environment."
Pedro Marques, - SATA Air Acores

"When I first met Aviobook team at Ebace in 2013, I realised that they were able to take things pilots have in their mind to make them reality, balancing high constraints and great evolution. Their project was not about going for a shy move, but revolutionize cockpit work.

After few months of analysing and implementing their product for our airline, I must admit that I’m quite impressed by the quality of the result, whether talking about support, infrastructure design and coding or end user application."
Philippe Le Gall, Hong Kong Airlines