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Main Contact: Knut Aabo

Telephone: +32 11 72 10 30



Address: Herkenrodesingel 8/B.3 3500 Hasselt Belgium


AvioVision is a young Belgian company created to bring innovative solutions to common problems identified in mission-critical industries, such as aviation. With AVIOBOOK® our company wants to put the next generation Electronic Flight Bag software solution in the market.



AVIO is uniquely positioned to bring together the latest robust technologies to design world-class secure, easy to use software and hardware solutions for all types of aircraft. With extensive experience in software and hardware, our innovative solutions maximise the efficiency of aircraft and their crew. AVIO intends to provide smart and integrated solutions to increase operational efficiency and enhance operational decision making by offering innovative applications, systems and interfaces, allowing easier access to up-to-date, relevant operational information, and accurate real-time mission data. In October 2016, Aviovision was acquired by Thales and renamed to AVIO. With that acquisition Thales will be able to extend its Electronics Flight Bag offer, ranging from full systems to state-of-the-art applications.

The combination of Thales and AvioVision capabilities will help develop EFB solutions for airlines with a broader range of operational applications, leveraging Thales’ expertise in avionics, airborne connectivity, data analytics, cybersecurity and ground support platforms. Thales’ worldwide footprint and international commercial network will support and boost AvioVision’s growth.