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Main Contact: Michael Rosenkranz

Telephone: + 49 (0) 29 92 / 97 71 - 22



Address: Fuerstenberger Strasse 70 DE - 34431 Marsberg Germany

aircore_systems GmbH

The goal of aircore systems is to provide suitable and affordable software solutions and consulting for the airline industry. The major difference to other companies is our combination of IT knowledge on the one hand and airline knowledge on the other hand as several staff members hold a valid captains rating on transport category aircraft in addition to their academic degrees.

The main software application of aircore_systems which has been in use for many years at several airlines is the EFB solution: AS – FlightBag 3.0

AS-FlightBag 3.0

The AS-FlightBag 3.0 contains the following modules:

1. Library:
airline specific document management between ground and cockpit

2. CrewBriefing:
the eOFP and additional information deemed necessary

3. JourneyLog:
the flight data handling to and from the cockpit

4. TechLog:
electronic work order with eSignature and connectivity to several maintenance applications

5. LeastCostRouting:
minimization of data transfer costs between back office and cockpit

6. PostFlightAnalysis:
reporting of processes, efficiency and problems, controlling, statistic etc.

In addition to the aircore_systems core modules several third party airline specific applications can be fully embedded into this software suite environment. These are for example the applications of the two primary navigation software providers, the cost index applications, T/O performance tools, reporting tools and so on.
The integrated Least Cost Routing Table administrates all data transfers including the data of the third party applications and minimizes the transfer costs significant.

The workflow optimization - resulting in an efficiency gain and cost reductions - is the main aim of the AS – FlightBag 3.0 Suite. This goal is realized by a seamless information transfer between all participating members like operations control, cockpit, maintenance, back office, authorities and others parties. Trust center proven eSignatures can be assigned to all legal relevant activities and workflows and make sure that paper based work can be substituted fully by electronic workflows.

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