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The OPS module provides full and up-to-date information about flights for all operational departments and management.  Control and management of flight operations are the most important tasks of the OPS module in the ACS System.

The OPS module enables the fastest reaction on threats and irregularities (which can occur during the flights) by using advanced transfer and edition tools (also the iPad and iPhone).

The OPS module as well as the departments which is dedicated to is extended and customized according to the component requirements such as:  OCC, NTO, Flight Information, PAX OPS, MCC, CCC, HCC, etc.

The Benefits

  • Current and immediate information flow between operational departments and management;
  • LESS PAPER COCPIT - iPad/iPhone solutions for Pilots and Flight Dispatchers: easy, fast, and safe documentation flow before, during, and after the flight by using iPad, iPhone, or PC
  • The system generates flight documentation (Journey Log and duty report, TLB, after flight reports, etc.) directly on the iPad;
  • Full OCC Department operational support;
  • Load ship calculations;
  • CO2 tracking;
  • Supervision on the actual fleet condition, system update information before, during, and after the flight and history storage;
  • Extended information system about the flights, aircraft replacement, regular flights, changes due to unexpected situations (flight delays, AOG, ACMI, additional costs connected with the security of passenger services due to flight delays, etc. The system can inform the user about the benefits to passengers over perturbations on their trip;
  • Edition and supervision of flight documents;
  • Extended information flow between operational departments - better communication improves work at the airline and enables better control of operational goals;
  • In the system, we put high attention on alerting the irregularities option and filling key information directly on flight strips. Due to this, every employee and manager feel responsibility about flight operations and have knowledge about the actual situation in the operational area directly after opening the application on the PC, via www, or iPad/iPhone;
  • Fuel and tankering control;
  • The system is generating extended and very exact after flight report, on the basis of them, you can bridge shortages in operational areas and others;
  • Cost control of flight operations;
  • Operational change notification system;
  • Support for other operational departments such as: OCC, NTO, MCC, PAX ops, Crewing, etc

System screen shots


Planning view

WBT for the crew

Roster view on Crew Panel


Per diems reconciliation

On Board reconciliation

Access to the library

Strips of flights for Chief Pilot, FOPH and managers

Strips of flights for the specific pilot or cabin crew - different view of the roster

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