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Ovidius GmbH

TCToolbox Airline Edition

Ovidius GmbH + EasyBrowse GmbH Ovidius GmbH is a specialist for professional XML data management systems for technical documentation within mission critical industries. We have a broad and deep experience of aeronautical documentation processes. With READ MORE...

Ultramain Systems


v9 M&E/ MRO ULTRAMAIN software was and is developed by Ultramain Systems in close collaboration with our customers and is made up of standalone products that can be installed individually where they integrate and operate with existing software, or READ MORE...

ViaSat Ireland


ViaSat solutions connects everyone on-board an aircraft and is trusted by some of the world's leading airlines. ViaSat Electronic Flight Bag ViaSat Electronic Flight Bag is a Portable Type A EFB, a hosted product suite that provides aircraft READ MORE...

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