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PACE - a TXT company

Solutions for Aircraft Operators

We closely collaborate with performance and cabin engineers, senior training captains, fuel conservation and operational efficiency managers, EFB teams and consultants to deliver hands-on support for airlines' strategic and operational tasks: Fuel & READ MORE...

Ovidius GmbH

TCToolbox Airline Edition

Ovidius GmbH + EasyBrowse GmbH Ovidius GmbH is a specialist for professional XML data management systems for technical documentation within mission critical industries. We have a broad and deep experience of aeronautical documentation processes. With READ MORE...


Thales EFB solutions

Thales offers scalable solutions to optimize airline operations in the cockpit, cabin and on the ground. With the acquisition of Aviovision, a leading innovative and independent software and services provider for the aviation industry, in October READ MORE...

Ultramain Systems


v9 M&E/ MRO ULTRAMAIN software was and is developed by Ultramain Systems in close collaboration with our customers and is made up of standalone products that can be installed individually where they integrate and operate with existing software, or READ MORE...

UTC Aerospace Systems

UTC Aerospace Systems EFBs

UTC Aerospace Systems Electronic Flight Bag hardware and software solutions enable operators of all types of aircraft to use and manage aircraft data to help increase operational efficiency and enhance flight safety. Flight Tracking Capabilities This READ MORE...

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