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skybook keeps an intelligent eye on the sky


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skybook keeps an intelligent eye on the sky
Keeping track of the weather – one of the single most challenging factors in aviation operations across the globe. 
On any given day, the weather picture can and will continuously change, throwing up constant curve balls that could result in the need to change, re-route a flight or worse, could see an operator having to switch to an alternate airfield, causing all manner of operational challenges.

We know how vital it is for our clients to have ready access to the most reliable and detailed weather information and that’s why skybook dynamically imports live global forecast data from the likes of the UK MET Office and NOAA, instantly refreshing the data ensuring that the latest is always available for Ops Teams, Dispatchers and Air Crews.

Should the weather picture deteriorate affecting cloud base, visibility, wind speed or any of your operational minima, skybook will intelligently flag the problem area, bringing it to the attention of those who need to know.

This type of intelligent identification and flagging can be found throughout skybook, in particular within our Airfield Watcher module and our Companion Tablet App, as skybook constantly imports the very latest operational data, comparing it against the minima for each client and automatically flagging it for attention should something fall below acceptable operational levels. 

It’s this kind of intelligent automation that sets skybook aside from other solutions ensuring the delivery of real world savings, operational efficiencies, improved accuracy and accountability. 

You don’t need to take our word for it though. Here’s what Samuel Eberle, Operations Control Manager for Helvetic Airways found when they integrated Airfield Watch into their daily dispatch: 

“Before using Airfield Watcher, our dispatchers made a weather briefing regarding their destinations at the start of their shift, once per day. A continuous weather briefing was not part of their duties.

It happened more than once that only the flight crew during the briefing realised that the weather at their destination was at or below the minimum. At this point, it can already be too late to delay a flight (flight duty time) or to reroute the flight to another destination.

We operate at some very weather critical destinations like London City, Florence and Balkan airports, all of which have very different minima’s regarding wind (tailwind, crosswind), visibility and ceiling.

With the Airfield Watcher our dispatchers now have a tool where they can update the weather on all our destinations themselves within a few seconds and even update alternates too. Nowadays we are able to detect weather issues at our destinations and alternates much earlier and, especially, easier than before.”

skybook is available free of charge as part of our 30 day trial. Starting your trial couldn’t be simpler, just email and we’ll do the rest.

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