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Why the skybook EFB?


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Why the skybook EFB? 
Pre-flight checks and briefings, constant NOTAM information, changing weather patterns, aircraft problems, airport issues, delays – we’re only scratching the surface here but already the challenges faced by pilots on every flight are clear for all to see.

A lot of these challenges may be out of everyone’s control, including ours, but that doesn’t stop us from working closely with operators and aircrews to understand their challenges, processes and procedures and to provide solutions that alleviate as many aspects as possible.

The skybook Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) app creates a seamless, automated data management system allowing flight crews to access all vital information and perform key flight management tasks on a device instead of on paper and the advantages of making this switch are clear for all to see.

However, Electronic Flight Bags don’t simply exist to create a paperless flight deck, there are other major benefits for airlines looking to make the switch to digital and virtual platforms. 

Moving to the skybook EFB for example, presents aircrews with a fluid interactive platform allowing them to access the best data sets, up to the minute weather and NOTAM, whilst active alerting highlights concerns and challenging conditions and informs decision making. 

The EFB works by making all of the most important information available at the touch of a button, using the approved flight plan as the basis for all briefing material and journey logging. 

Crews can navigate through their digital pilot briefing with ease, review the operational flight plan in detail, capture and store data during each flight in the journey log and instantly send crew reports back to the dispatch team as they happen. Additionally, flight operations can instantly access journey log information post flight as it is transmitted directly back to the skybook Ground Portal, ensuring vital information doesn’t get delayed or lost, banishing the days of posting flight records back to flight operations which could take days.

The EFB uses automated technology to pull data from several trusted feeds.  This data provides up to the minute information on airfield METAR and TAF, NOTAMs, SNOWTAMs and ASHTAMs, along with FIR data. All on a global scale and specific to each sector being flown, and all of this information can be refreshed in order to ensure it’s current.  

The skybook Electronic Flight Bag application caters for iOS, Windows and Android devices and will integrate with 3rd party solutions for added functionality, increased data sharing and to remove the need for aircrews to double key information or perform repetitive tasks.

It’s this flexibility that helps to replace much of the traditional pilot’s flight bag and also greatly streamlines workflows during each flight phase.

This is just a brief insight into how the skybook EFB works.   

Our EFB solution provides further benefits; modular by design it can be used as a standalone solution or as part of our broader skybook package. Our solution is developed in-house providing peace of mind that it will be customised to your exact requirements, quickly and within budget.

Give skybook a try.  Request your free 30 - day trial here

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