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Rocketroute Now Offers Route Optimization in Europe


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Rocketroute Now Offers Route Optimization in Europe


Users are able to receive a route optimization improvements when planning IFR flights in Europe.

After you have filed your flight plan, Eurocontrol reviews the actual airspace capacity versus planned. If it sees that it can now provide a more direct routing it will offer an improvement.

RocketRoute now polls Eurocontrol for all relevant filed routes. If we receive an improvement suggestion, we will pass this suggestion on by email.

If you like this Route Optimization feature, fly using RocketRoute this season!

Example Zagreb to Schwäbisch Hall

Below is an illustrative example of a real flight recently flown and filed with RocketRoute. The route was from LDZA (Zagreb, Croatia) to EDTY (Schwäbisch Hall, Germany).

(of course pilots will know to request route improvements where possible in-flight anyway as well)

The following planned improvements were generated:

How It Works

Below you can find an example of such optimization sent by RocketRoute:

“We have reviewed your flight plan and have found a route improvement. 

Please evaluate the route below and if you choose to use the improved
route please refile the flight plan at your convenience.

*XXXX-LDZA 0900-EDTY-150219* 

Filed route: 

Improved route Proposal: 
*N0390F240 PODET3F PODET L603 KFT L173 MUN/N0294F200 L173 RIXED/N0294F190

We have reproduced this route and now can compare both of them, you can see that the required and valid route to EDTY was shortened by flying direct instead of via airways Z76 and Z12.

Below you can find the originally filed route.
On this tab we can see the Enroute Time (It is 2 hours and 10 minutes). The distance of this route is 382 nm.

The next picture shows the Minimum Fuel Required and Endurance (Fuel is 1142.55 pounds, Endurance is 3 hours and 58 minutes).

Now let’s check how the improved route proposal form Eurocontrol looks like.

We see that EET and Distance are changed. (Now they are 1 hour and 16 minutes and 268 nm correspondingly).

Minimum Fuel Required and Endurance are also reduced (Fuel is 988.5 pounds, Endurance is 3 hours and 28 minutes).

Consequently, we have optimized the route per Eurocontrol proposal and reduced:

- Distance: from 382 nm to 268 nm;

- EET:  from 2 hours 10 minutes to 1 hour 16 minutes;

- Minimum Fuel Required: from 1142.55 to 988.05 pounds.