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ACFT Perfo announces updates to its EFB suite of apps


ACFT Perfo
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We want to make sure “our customers have access to our products” through different tools, hardware and browser technology. This will allow a user to integrate the greatest and latest new features of commercial tools without restricting the apps.

It enables any user, pilot or ground staff, to perform a take-off, landing and W&B calculations from any mobile office and hardware. The same application can be used on an iPad, Android tablet or a Windows operated device.

Designed to be used on small screens such as the iPad mini, it offers your company the possibility to use a wide range of hardware/operating system combinations.

The features of the new HTML5 versions of ACFT Perfo applications include:
  • Full independency of hardware and utility on any operating system.
  • It can be used on any type of aircraft such as Airbus, Boeing, ATR, etc.. This flexibility results in reduced training costs.
  • RTTO performance software has been redesigned with the possibility to make the same calculations on a tablet/iPAD as well as on an EFB. This can be used by operational staff in flight preparation and in backup of any EFB.
  • The online tablet/iPAD software guarantees the use of synchronized data and allows an immediate follow-up on the webserver of all connections and calculations made.
  • The users are free to choose any hardware in this way reducing the pressure on the company to provide extra hardware for pilots.
  • 4G technology will allow synchronization before take-off and a full flight preparation in connected modes on most airports.


RTTO was the first computer program which was used by Ukrainian carrier Air Onix. Today the airline decided to become a user for our new RTTO HTML5 product. All B737 pilots now have a full access to performance calculations via tablet or iPAD as well as the EFB. The launch was a success and it is a milestone in the concept of giving pilots the access to the tools and so improving performance, reducing costs and increasing safety. Air Onix and Aerosvit are the users of RTTO and the airport database by ACFT Perfo since 2006