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RAIM+ now available through skybook


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RAIM+ now available through skybook 

We are excited to announce that NAVBLUE’s RAIM+ is now available as part of our skybook offering, giving clients an enhanced user experience and access to unrivalled accuracy when integrating RAIM Prediction Mapping into flight planning systems. 
What is RAIM
Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) was developed to assess the accuracy and integrity of GPS signals in GPS receiver systems, which is vital in safety critical GPS applications in both aviation and marine navigation. 

GPS doesn’t include any internal information about the integrity of its signals and it is entirely possible for a GPS satellite to broadcast slightly incorrect information that will subsequently cause navigation information to be incorrect, leaving the receiver with no actual way to determine this. 

RAIM accesses a broad constellation of satellites across the globe to detect and then exclude faulty signals that could show inaccurate positioning. The position is then recalculated, minus the faulty signals, resulting in a far more accurate position being plotted.

How will RAIM+ enhance the skybook experience

RAIM+ is available now as a subscription based bolt on for both new and existing skybook clients.

It integrates seamlessly with our software, further enhancing the accuracy of skybook’s already detailed route plotting, charts, weather, ETOPS information and much more. 

RAIM reports are generated automatically as part of a briefing pack, using the operational criteria set during initial system configuration. This ensures that all data appearing within a briefing is accurate and based on the stringent operational needs of each client.

Bytron Technical Director Simon Clayton said: “Adding NAVBLUE’s RAIM+ to skybook’s already comprehensive list of features is an exciting development for us.

“RAIM+ allows airlines with GPS equipped aircraft extra confidence when it comes to the accuracy of navigation, this is due to NAVBLUE’s calculations and reports based on the availability of satellites and skybooks presentation of this information within flight briefings.”

“Aircraft safety is paramount and we are extremely pleased to be working with NAVBLUE to offer this enhancement to both new and existing skybook clients.”