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IDMR Solutions - Paperless Aviation Maintenance Task Cards and eLogbook On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

On-Demand Webinar Title:
 Paperless Aviation Maintenance Task Cards, Electronic Logbook (ETL / ELB), and Checklists Software Demo and Overview Webinar [inc: Routine and Non-Routine Tasks; e-Signatures; M&E System Integration; Import Work Orders / Packages; more...]
Host: IDMR Solutions
Date: 28th March 2019
Duration: 40 minutes

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Webinar Overview

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 28th March 2019) and join the paperless aviation maintenance specialists IDMR Solutions as they walk you through their software suite including two recent editions. Using live demos of InForm, the powerful software system, you will see how to establish or enhance a truly paperless maintenance process including generating and managing Task Cards (routine and non-routine), Electronic Logbooks (ETL / ELB), and work orders / packages, all using e-signatures. You will see how the solutions are available on any device, are designed specifically for mobile working, and can integrate with any M&E / MRO System. You will also see a demo of the new Checklist module allowing airlines, OEMs, MROs and aircraft operators to achieve real-time data capture and reporting.

The Webinar begins with a full overview of the IDMR InForm software suite which provides a paperless and digital end-to-end aviation maintenance environment including task cards, electronic logbook (ETL/ELB), e-signatures, storing and revision of documents, approval, workflow and package / work orders. You will then see a demo of InForm TC Bundle for generating Task Cards, Log Books and Work Orders, plus InForm Checklist to generate paperless checklists for real-time reporting of data, automated scheduling and notifications, integrated workflow and more. 

Demo 1: InForm TC Bundle for generating Task Cards, Logbooks, and Work Orders / Packages

You will see the following key functionalities:
  1. Creating Task Card / Electronic Logbook: See how to generate Task Cards and Log Books on the same level as the OEMs and fully control user access and revision control. Also how to import Work orders / packages using Excel or CSV and customize the task cards and logbooks so they look exactly the same as your existing task cards including your company logo. Throughout the process there is seamless integration between InForm Bundle and your M&E system.
  2. Work Orders: You will see a variety of reports such as open/close panels, consumables, tools, exceptions and components which can be downloaded in PDF or Excel. You will see how the solution provides quick exports for Task Cards, Logbooks, eTasks, eNR (e-Non Routines) with XML sign-off capabilities to be seamlessly integrated with your M&E system.
  3. Electronic Tally Sheets: Via the import wizard, the TC Bundle allows for the import of master tables such as aircraft, tools, zones, references and panels tables via Excel. You will also see how work orders / packages are imported as well via the import wizard. The Electronic Tally template provides a summary of all package tasks and is e-signature enabled.
  4. Electronic Signatures: Each Task Card or Non Routine can be checked out by a Mechanic or an Inspector using an electronic signature. You will see how Mechanics and Inspectors can approve or n/a a line item. The Inspector can also reject a line item.
  5. Electronic Non Routines: All non-routines are associated with the Task Card or Logbook and the line item. At any point a non-routine can be raised by a mechanic, which will be carried over to the work order. The Mechanic can correct the action and then both Mechanic and Inspector can sign-off once complete. 
  6. Dashboard / Reporting Features: In real-time, track open task cards and the current status of work in progress, which employee is assigned to what task and additional info on a specific task, vendor or employee.
Demo 2: InForm Checklist for generating paperless checklists and real-time reporting

Most aviation companies are still using spreadsheets to administer checklists, for schedules, track vendor lists, and to track follow up dates. Word is used to record action and findings. You will see how InForm Checklist converts this into a digital process and works in real-time. You will see the following key functionalities:
  1. Action Screen: This shows all the Vendor info needed such as contact information, last and next checklist date, last checklist and count of any actions pending.
  2. Creating a Checklist: Create customizable checklist forms, drag and drop new questions on to the custom forms, or re-use common questions to save time, along with controlled fields with custom dropdown values and dates.
  3. Automated Processes: Live follow up and automated notifications, alerts and actions when the checklist date is approaching. Other features include: checklist requirements pre-loaded, option to add other checklists, integrated workflows.
  4. Mobile Capabilities: Your checklists are available using any mobile device and at any location worldwide.
  5. Customizable Checklist Forms: The system is fully customizable including: checklists and questions, workflows, and interdependencies of checklists with actions & CARS, reporting and BI.
  6. Dashboard: See the status of the checklist in real time, with controlled access to see who has accessed the system at any time. You also have the ability to drill down into reporting to review problematic questions, and address them with your team and vendor to make sure the situation does not repeat itself.
Webinar Agenda:

InForm Tack Card and Log Book Bundle:

- Task Card and Log Book Summary
- Task Card and Log Book / Non Routines
- Work Orders
- Electronic Tally Sheets
- Esign
- Electronic Non Routines
- Dashboard

InForm Checklist:

- Checklist process and our solution
- Action screen
- Creating a Checklist
- Automated Processes 
- Mobile capabilities 
- Customizable Checklist forms
- Dashboard

Questions & Answers

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